UoL appeals for information about racist group chats targeting Ghanaian student

‘We are absolutely appalled’

The University of Liverpool has come out in support of a student who has been the victim of sustained and vicious racist abuse.

In an email to The Liverpool Tab, Pro Vice Chancellor Gavin Brown said the University is appealing to students to aid in its investigation of the targeting of Esther Adjei in racist group chats.

The statement read: “Both the University and the Guild of Students are absolutely appalled by the racist abuse Esther has reported and have been in touch with her to offer support.”

Brown added: “We have looked into the incident but are unable to determine who is involved.”

This statement comes a few days after The Liverpool Tab reported that the second year Chinese and communications and media student was being repeatedly added to racist groups against her will on a daily basis via iMessage.

Adjei told The Liverpool Tab: “I’m scared because I don’t know how they got my number. If they have access to my number what other personal information may they have access to?”

Examples of the abuse included references to skin bleaching, and even aggressive threats of assault and rape.

Despite multiple attempts to leave the chats, Adjei was repeatedly re-added. After confronting the abusers, Adjei started to receive abuse aimed directly at her.

The Vice-Chancellor told The Liverpool Tab: “If anyone has any information which could be useful to our investigation, please contact [email protected]

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