Liverpool students given the choice to study online due to coronavirus

Plans are being made for alternatives to exams

The University of Liverpool is giving students the option to study online rather than attend classes due to the escalation of the coronavirus outbreak.

Plans are also being put in place for alternatives to closed-book exams in this summer’s assessment period.

All public events at the university have been cancelled and students have been strongly advised against international travel.

UoL’s Pro-Vice Chancellor Gavin Brown sent an email to students on Friday morning, explaining “If you decide that you would prefer to study remotely, you will not be disadvantaged.

“We will support your studies with online learning materials from Monday 16th March onwards.”

He added: “Classes will continue to go ahead as usual but learning materials will be uploaded online and will therefore be available for those who choose not to attend.”

Students who choose not to attend classes have been told to “record this decision on the personal information portlet on Liverpool Life from Monday” at no detriment to their attendance.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor noted that lab sessions can’t be repeated, and clinical programme students “should continue to attend sessions as planned unless you are unwell or required to self-isolate.”

In terms of the upcoming assessment period, the uni is “making preparations to ensure that examinations can be replaced with alternative forms of assessment, should this be necessary.

“Other types of assessment could take many forms such as essays or open book exams but please be assured that you will not be assessed in a form for which your studies have not prepared you.”

UoL has also “taken the decision to postpone or cancel all of the University’s public events with effect from tomorrow, initially until the end of April.”

The university is not aware of there being any cases of coronavirus among students or staff, but urge anyone with symptoms to self-isolate and stay away from classes.

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