UoL students might end up studying fully online if coronavirus gets worse

End-of-year assessments are being reviewed too

University of Liverpool students may be given an option for “full online study” if the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

Lectures are currently still going ahead as planned, but students now have the choice to learn from home should they wish to.

The exam format of the end-of-year assessment period is also being reviewed by the uni, following the example of King’s College London who cancelled “conventional unseen exams” yesterday.

Pro-Vice Chancellor Gavin Brown sent an email to students on Wednesday afternoon and said: “We know that some students would rather not attend classes at this time.

“Therefore, if you would prefer to study remotely in your current accommodation, you can choose to do so unless you are a student on a clinical programme or you have been advised otherwise by your School Office.”

He said at the moment “teaching is continuing on campus” so the uni “are not asking lecturers to make any extra teaching or learning resources available on VITAL, only those which are usually provided.”

However, UoL is preparing for the situation to worsen. Professor Gavin added: “We are in the final stages of preparing for a full online study option and will update you on this soon.

‘We are also in the process of reviewing end of year assessments in order to be able to move from examinations to other forms, should this become necessary, and will update you on this at the same time.”

On top of allowing students to study from home should they wish to, the uni is specifically encouraging concerned students with pre-existing medical conditions to “contact your School Office to inform them of your concerns and that you have decided not to attend campus.”

UoL are yet to update students about whether end-of-year assessments and graduations will be going ahead or not, and have so far expressed no desire to close the uni.

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