We asked Guild President candidates for their idea of a lit Scouse night out

‘If you can’t find me smashing some cheesy chips I’ll be passed out in the toilet’

The Guild’s Student Officer Elections are underway as of today, and we spoke to the candidates vying for your vote.

To get a good sense of the personalities of our future Student Officers and Guild President, we asked each candidate what their ideal night out in Liverpool would be.

Who can’t resist a Fat Frog in the Raz? Who starts pres at 5pm? Whose Maccies order consists of fries and a bag of carrots? Here’s what the candidates had to say:

Imogen de Castro Gray

I start pre-ing at about 7pm. Picture it: I’m sitting in my crappy Leeds fest camping chair, the Wii theme song blasting on repeat in the background, still fuming that none of my mates like Kitchen Street.

“Next stop is Concert Square Spoons, but only because I’m poor and incredibly original.

“After that there’s only one place you’ll find me: OMG. Drag queens, cages, dildos and poles – can you really blame me?

“The final destination? Depending how the night goes, if you can’t find me smashing some cheesy chips I’ll be passed out in the toilet!”

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Sam Lange

“Okay, so I’d say my ideal night starts with the classic tequila shots at CaVa, then heading to Einstein.

Then maybe head to La’Go if you’re feeling the walk, and inishing with simple fries and a bag of carrots at Maccies because you’ve got to feel good about yourself the morning after!”

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Brad Rees

“My ideal night is starting pres early Canadian style at 5 pm; everyone meets their immediate friend group which serves to start building hype around the night.

“By 7pm, the entire extended friend group will filter into the sphinx where we will share pints and a shit mix of cocktails, each table member alternating buying rounds of drinks for their friends. My drink of choice is triple vodka on the rocks.

“By 7:30, it’s time for Sphinx nuggets and fries to recalibrate for the night out. At this point, we’ll find a university club meeting at a pub, either Font or one of the Scouse pubs! GO REDS!

“Here, our group of 30 something will stop and utilise liquid courage to make new mates. We round up as many people as we can take a few more shots, TEQUILA!

“My sober mates are all caffeinated so everyone is ready to dance. At this point it’s typically Skint or Baa Bar. Bottle service! Champagne bottles, corona in one hand, bud in another, another round of TEQUILA. A man can dream, I’m usually broke.

“1am, 2am, 3am, 4am? Nobody has checked the time! What’s on the menu, Post Malone, Travis Scott, UK Top 40? Doesn’t make a difference.

“My head’s spinning, hit the smoke pit, bum a smoke. Take a shot, make a friend and enjoy the moment! And we do it all again, round 2.

“At this point, we leave the club stronger, closer, and bigger because of it. I love my friends new and old from this night. Time for McDonald’s, damn someone wants Donair. I get my McNuggets and wake up the next day surrounded by my best friends and a splitting headache. It all reminds me of how great last night was. Win or lose this election, this is the night I want to have with as many of you as possible.”

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Adnan Hussain

“Start in the Brookie, go Baltic area then, if possible, grab a pizza pronto!”

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Ely Votaw

I don’t go out often, but when I do ideally I’ll start with a meal at Veggie Republic, then I’ll go to OMG in gay town and maybe end in Spoons or McCooley’s.”

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Ffion Thomas

Start at pres with friends, of course with Aldi’s cheapest alcohol! Then CaVa for a few pineapple tequila shots, followed by La’Go for a bop!

“Then head to McCooley’s for more dancing, followed by either Maccies or Nabzy’s for a greasy treat afterwards!”

Find Ffion’s campaign on Facebook here.

Sanjana Pattar

Okay, my typical night out in Liverpool would be… Starting off at pres in Smithdown, going into town and either have a quad vod in Fac or belting karaoke in Woody’s, and then probably going somewhere like McCooley’s or Baa Bar and ending the night in Nabzy’s with cheesy chips like the classy girl I am!”

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Chloe Field

“My ideal night out is pre-drinks at The Brookhouse, especially on a Thursday because it is such a cheap night and always a good atmosphere.

“Then I would go to Woody’s, even though it takes ages to get your song played and the drinks are expensive, but it’s worth it for me to sing Islands in the Stream at the top of my lungs.

“Best way to end the night would be either in Harper’s with cheesy garlic bread or Maccies with a share box of mozzarella dippers (I love cheese lol).”

Find Chloe’s campaign on Facebook here.

Olivia Mackender

Starting, of course, with an afternoon in The Cambridge where someone eventually suggests an actual night out. Then of course, pres and card games must be on Smithdown or at Greenbank before heading into town.

“Spoons for the pitchers, CaVa for the shots, and then you’ve got to do the McCooley’s Sandwich – McCooley’s then whichever club is IT that night of the week (*cough cough* The Raz *cough cough*), followed by McCooley’s again. End of the night, I’ll go wherever – sometimes I’ll forgo the incredibly expensive Mr. Kebab in the hopes of getting a Nabzy’s, but then people usually give up half way and I’ll get the Wrap Of The Day from Maccies.

“Alternative best night out: The Smithdown Ten – a bar crawl across the whole of Smithdown Road and Smithdown Lane into campus… a route that now probably has like thirty or forty pubs, I swear. We need to revive this lost tradition.”

Find Olivia’s campaign on Facebook here.

Lily Denny

So, for my ideal night out I’d start at the Scholar (£2 doubles), then go to CaVa and Faculty for drinks.

“After that, have a dance in La’Go and finally end the night in McCooley’s.

“I’d then get chips with red salt from Nabzy’s for the ride home. Although, personally, I always prefer a Smithdown house party to a night out!”

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Anna-Maria Hartley

I’ve got to admit my ideal night out would be considered slightly boring by most students as I keep my distance from Concert Square at all times… My go to place for drinks would be my flat kitchen followed by a cocktail bar called Aether in Liverpool One.

“My night would drag on slightly in there and once I realise how much I’ve spent and I would head out to the Baltic Triangle and go on a bar crawl going to the carnival bar and yellow submarine bar.

“The night always ends up in some drive through on the way back home waking up with around 5 Big Macs for breakfast, which is always a nice surprise.”

Find Anna-Maria’s campaign on Facebook here.

Baptiste Audidier

I didn’t come to live in the UK, I came to live to Liverpool. So when I go out I want to feel this characteristic Scouse vibe, you know.

“My favourite club is naturally… the Raz! People can say whatever they want about its cleanliness, but I believe there is a certain charm to the sticky floor and the occasional rat gracing us with its presence. And being French, I absolutely can’t resist a Big Fat Frog before going down to the basement.

“And that is where the magic happens… 300 of the friendliest people in town hitting the hanging pipes like chimps on cocaine to the sound of Let’s Dance To Joy Division (by The Wombats obviously). Try matching that atmosphere, I’ll wait!”

Find Baptiste on Instagram here.

We also reached out to the four other candidates vying for Guild President, but are yet to find out exactly what they think makes the best Scouse night out.

Voting for the next Guild President opens on Monday 9th March at 9am and lasts until the following Friday. Make your voice heard on the Guild wesbite.

Featured image credit: @liverpoolguild

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