Stop scrolling and nominate Liverpool’s BNOC for 2020

Are you worthy of the crown?

Being crowned BNOC, the biggest name on campus, is a title that will take your further in life than any degree ever could, and where better to be BNOC than in lovely Liverpool?

The end of the academic year is on the horizon, so it’s time to once again reflect on all your nights out and house parties, your library sessions and traumatic 9 ams, and remember which of your mates have been the most popular year-round.

From the rugby lads to the hockey girls, from the aspiring DJs to the Concert Square natives, we want to know who you think deserves to win.

Applications are now open in the form below, and the best of them will be posted by The Liverpool Tab for the students of Liverpool to have the final say on. If your bestie could be this year’s BNOC, or you think you have a pretty good shot at it yourself, complete the nominations form and tell us why they deserve to be awarded the most iconic of titles!