How to make the most of your second year in Liverpool

For when your deadlines aren’t too serious yet

So, you’ve already been at uni in Liverpool for a year, and you know your way around by now, right? Well take it from us, you’ll need to actually start buckling down in a few months time. For all those first-years that have had an incredible time so far, as well as all the people who might have struggled coping with homesickness, these are some top tips to survive your second year, when you-know-what really starts to hit the fan!

1. Prioritise your library sessions

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Second year counts, right? Yes it does, and even though it’s only worth 30% of your final grade, if you don’t try you are officially screwed! That means while you can still go out partying on the odd school night, you’ll have to tone it down – say no to doing all your deadlines at the last minute and yes to doing more background reading around your subject. You’ll be more likely to do work if you have your friends surrounding you in the social corner of the Sydney Jones or Harold Cohen library, but remember not to do too much running to the Guild to get those sweet burritos and actually get your work done!

2. Don’t completely cancel your social life

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You’re not in third year yet, so there’s still plenty of chances to go out out, whether that be in Heebies, Skint or The Raz. Have a wild night and let your hair down, because being a second-year only happens once in your life, and you DON’T want to waste that opportunity. (Sorry, Mum and Dad.)

3. Join aaaaall the societies

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Maybe in first year you felt like you didn’t know how to go about making friends, and now because you’re settled you want to expand your social circle. Even though it’s your second time around, Freshers’ Fairs are still open to second-years and even third-years, so you’ve still got time to join something that you’re really passionate about or have never tried before. The most important part of a society is the socials, and whether it’s the Beauty society, VegSoc, British Sign Language or LUDS, you’ll be in for some epic nights out you thought you’d never need!

4. Pick some cool housemates

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If you haven’t already, you need to start picking housemates to live with in second year, and while this is daunting, it can be kinda pivotal in improving or maintaining your confidence. Picking people who all get along can really help you get out of your shell as well as being one less thing to stress about! Whether it’s Smithdown or Kensington, you’ll have a great experience if you’re surrounded by people you actually like.

5. Explore the hidden gems of Liverpool

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If you are a first-year going into second-year you’ll probably want to venture out into Liverpool beyond Concert Square and uni campus. Being in second year after getting to grips with the city gives you the advantage to explore Liverpool at it’s peak (so long as the weather holds out). You could go and grab a bite to eat on Bold Street, play Ghetto Golf, go and see the street art in the Baltic Triangle or take the ferry across the Mersey. Now’s your chance to do the things that you probably were too unaware or overwhelmed to do as a first-year!

Even though the assignments count in second-year, it’s by far the best period to be a student in Liverpool. It definitely flies by, so be sure to make it count!