‘I have no regrets’: LJMU student gets warning for skipping uni to make a TikTok

Fairplay, honestly

Skipping uni is a vital part of being a student – it's important for avoiding burnout, reducing stress and scheduling in time to deal with your hangovers. If you haven't had a warning about your low attendance at least once, have you even done uni right?

LJMU student Ollie Colez would know all about this. He told The Liverpool Tab he got done by his uni's "attendance" service for "not turning up" to his lecture. What was he doing instead of going to class? Making a TikTok, of course.

In the TikTok, Ollie accidentally chucks a carton of milk out the front door of his student house. It flies around all the notable sights in lovely Liverpool before returning to his house, where he finally pours it into his mug and savours his cuppa.

Watch it below for an wholesome vibe:

If you're gonna skive off your lectures, the best thing to do would surely be to deliver jokes content such as this.

We asked Ollie what inspired him to make this absolute art, and he told The Liverpool Tab: "I've got a mate who's been making TikToks and got recognised in Medication the other night."

"I thought this was a good way to challenge him," he added. We'd say you defo outdid him here, mate.

Ollie also said: "John Moores has better crack than UoL right now." Judging by his TikTok, we can see how this would be true.

On his attendance warning, he added: "I don't really have any regrets."

To anyone who thinks they're too old for TikTok, or that it's shit, Ollie said they should "grow up," and honestly, we agree with him.

For more TikToks that Liverpool students can relate to, go to Ollie's TikTok account here.

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