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UoL student demands lecturer stop using ID scanner to stop spread of coronavirus

They blame the ‘high number of Chinese International students’

A UoL student has called for a ban on ID scanners in lectures, claiming the Chinese students on their course make them a "health hazard."

In an email seen by The Liverpool Tab, the third year Computer Science asks his lecturer "if it's possible to suspend the use of the scanner" due to "recent events involving the coronavirus."

He goes on to say the course "also has a large number of Chinese international students", many of whom could have been to "infected areas of China over the last month". The email is finished with the student saying they just want to "survive and graduate".

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The president of the University of Liverpool Chinese told The Liverpool Tab Chinese students are "going through a lot of discrimination" following the coronavirus outbreak.

"We surely understand the effects and panic of this disease, and trying to find a way to stop the spread of the virus is worth advocating," they said. "Most of the Chinese students are wearing face masks to lower the potential problems to others, meanwhile, also to protect ourselves from being affected.

"Thus, we will support any efficient method of impeding the infection. But we also hope we will be treated with equal rights as well."

A second year Computer Science student told The Liverpool Tab they "hadn't considered the hygiene issue of passing the scanner around."

They added: "I wouldn't ban the scanners as the university believes it is best they record attendance.

"I've not considered the hygiene issue of passing the scanner around before, but I think with good personal hygiene it shouldn't be an issue much.

"I haven't seen a big cause for concern yet luckily here in the UK, but I'm following the story to stay updated as reports are coming out daily".

A University of Liverpool spokesperson said: "We are incredibly proud of our diverse university community.

"This is a difficult time for our Chinese student community in particular who are concerned for friends and family members.

"At times such as these it is more important than ever that we pull together and offer support.

"We know the vast majority of our students are doing just this and would urge any others to do the same."

They added: 'To be clear, Public Health England advice remains that the risk to the UK public has not changed and we continue to follow and implement their advice.'

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