UoL library calls out student for handing in book with ‘bookmark’ made of cheese

You cannot brie serious

A student has been sent for by the University of Liverpool Library for handing in a book containing a packet of melted cheese.

The official library Twitter account tweeted a picture of the rather melted cheese square, with the caption: "This is not a bookmark."

The library then tweeted: "Me talking to the pest control man – "No mate I've no idea why we have mice in the library" *Picks up a book and actual cheese falls out of it*"

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A revision snack?

The Tweet has since received many replies, including a lot of confusion and some excellent cheese puns.

The Uni's School of the Arts account replied: "Camembert it when people do this. Unbrielievable."

We hope that the student has mistaken their snack as opposed to intentionally using cheese as a bookmark.

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Though, you can't knock them for creativity.

Do you know the mystery cheese bookmarker? DM our Instagram with any info.

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