10 things you’ll learn from dating someone you’ve met at uni

From being inseparable to the accent barriers

Going out with someone from home is one thing; you have to deal with the distance and all of the expensive train journeys! But dating someone who's at the same uni as you is quite another.

Here are 10 of the things to look out for when dating someone you’ve met at university, and all of the annoying trials and tribulations that come with it.

They constantly take the piss out of your accent

Whether your hometown is 30 minutes away from theirs, or 3 hours, they will always take the piss out of your accent at any opportunity they can get. You can't go a day with them without them laughing the way you pronounce words, and you have to put up with their home friends taking the piss out of you whenever you visit.

You always take the piss out of their accent too

Like, what the hell does "creps" and "keks" even mean? Are we even speaking the same language?

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You spend a ridiculous amount of money on train fairs

"I came to see you in April 2018, it's your turn to pay the £35 train fair and see me now."

It always feels one-sided!

Indoctrinating them into your different way of living

Yes, I do always take a walk to the beach everyday, and now you do too. It's a way of life.

Let’s not mention the north-south divide

Northerners will look at you as if you've killed their dog when you accidentally call tea "dinner", buy a vodka and coke for more than £3, or try wearing a coat on a night out.

You end up sharing clothes… all your clothes

You will find countless numbers of their socks all over you room, which you wash and inevitably wear yourself. It gets to the point where it's past hoodies and tops, you end up wearing their joggers and jeans as part of your daily outfits too.

If you live together, you have no space after an argument

How can you dramatically storm out, or tell them to get lost, if you live in the same house or two doors down?

When you’re at uni, you spend all your time with them

You end up feeling embarrassed because your friends who are in long-distance relationships go at least two weeks without seeing each other, but you can't go two nights without your significant other. They've even got their own toothbrush residing in your bathroom. You're pretty much a married couple at this point.

This means that you also spend a lot more money on food

Why is an Uber Eats delivery for one person about seven quid, but for a couple food always comes to about £40?! Am I being punished for being happy?

And let's not even get started on football and rugby…

They will hate your home team with a passion, and you will get infuriated with each other every time your teams play one another.

But, you wouldn't have any of this any other way, because that's YOUR odd-sounding, clingy person who steals your food, and you'll miss them dearly when you're doomed to spending months apart during the summer holidays. Make the most of it!

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