We asked the students of Liverpool for their opinions on Jeremy Corbyn

OHHH Jeremy Corbyn !!!

You gave us your opinions on Boris Johnson, now it's time to hear what the students of Liverpool think of Jeremy Corbyn.

With over 60 responses to our Instagram story, there were many dividing opinions; the good, the bad and the questionable…

Firstly, it is clear that in comparison to Boris Johnson, there isn't quite as much hate towards Corbyn, with only one person referring to him as a 'c***,' compared to a fifth of responses using this word to describe our PM.

Some referred to him as if he's one of the lads:

'Top lad.'

'Top shotter.'


'Fuckin legend.'

'The fuckin king.'


'My G.'

'He's a sound guy.'

'Big man JC what a geezer.'

OR as an angelic human:



'Top hun.'

'Jeremy CorBAE.'


OR, even better, here's a potential conspiracy theory:

‘The first JC was Jesus Christ. He’s the second. It’s happening.’

‘JC = Jeremy Corbyn/Jesus Christ.’

‘Jesus Christ.'

Our lord and Saviour.’

‘Proper god among humans.’

Now, we'll get onto some deeper opinions:

‘Best potential Prime Minister ever, actually cares about the people. Angel.’

‘Better than the alternatives’

Well, if we're going off of Liverpools student's opinions on Boris Johnson, then it does appear that way.

‘If the media covered Boris like the way they portray Jeremy, then everybody would vote Labour.’

‘An actual hero and representative of the people of this country.’

‘The only hope for the UK and young people.’

‘Legend, only wants to do good & demonised by Murdoch’s owned media.’

‘Great defender Liverpool legend great pundit.’

‘He just loves to campaign and look after his allotment – nothing to be scared of.’

'Bet he makes a decent brew like.'

The real decider on who should run the nation???

Some people went IN on him

‘Overrated leader. Lacks charisma, and a clear stance on Brexit.'

‘Biggest fraud going.’

‘I can smell that dirty soap dodger through the telly.’

‘He earns £173K/year & lives in a house worth almost £1 million. For the few not the many.’

‘Overrated, don’t understand the obsession.’

There were some responses from students, and some specifically Jewish students, addressing their concerns about Jeremy Corbyn:

‘Jewish student here, scared shirtless because he’s an anti-Semitic c***…gonna overspend and destroy the economy… fucking terrified of this man.'

‘Anyone who votes for him is enabling racism in this country.'

‘As a Jewish voter, I am scared to live in a country where my view is diminished down to a ‘smear’.'

‘An anti-Semitic c*** I honestly don’t know who in their right mind would vote for him.'

Opinions on the anti-Semitism debate are quite divided. It doesn't help that despite his best efforts to control it Corbyn has failed to fully resolve the issue. It is understandable that some students have these opinions, but Jeremy does talk about solutions to it in the Labour manifesto.

There are many divided opinions on Jeremy Corbyn among the students of Liverpool, but it is fair to say that they much prefer the Labour Leader, over the Tory PM.