24 Kitchen Street has announced it could be closing down

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Owners of our beloved 24 Kitchen Street announced today on Instagram their "worst fears are being confirmed" as Liverpool City Council threaten to force Kitchen Street to close.

Landlords of residential flats surrounding the venue have asked Liverpool City Council to install windows to their properties, and there will "almost certainly [be] noise complaints once residents move in" from September 2020.

The Instagram post has been circulating on social media with the hashtag #savekitchenstreet in an attempt to save the venue from having to close.

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#savekitchenstreet Unfortunately it looks like our worst fears are being confirmed, we’ve just found out that Liverpool City Council are looking to give permission for the neighbouring block of flats to install windows that will, according to acoustic surveys conducted both on our behalf and the developer, almost certainly lead to noise complaints once residents move in (Sept 2020). As has happened with venues up and down the country, noise complaints get venues shut down. In future, they are suggesting that we seek Temporary Event Notices (you’re allowed 12 per year), in order to host the louder and more bass heavy music events (they use the example of a reggae concert). Going back through our program from the last 12 months, we believe this would affect around 60-90 shows, spanning techno, punk and bass music styles. In any case, we already use most of our temporary licenses for outdoor terrace parties, and only have around 3 spare. This essentially restricts the scope of music we can do by style and genre, reducing the artistic and creative freedom on offer at Kitchen St through which we have made our name. We are not prepared to accept this, and realistically would rather shut our doors than work under such restrictive conditions. Since we have not been proven to be a noise nuisance, it is unfair that we should have to change and limit the way we operate to save a developer money. Liverpool is a Unesco World Heritage site for music, so it is ironic that the council is failing to protect grassroots and independent music in the city. Please help us get this message out, we need support for them to take our concerns seriously. @lpoolcitycouncil @mayorjoeanderson @wendysimon6

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Due to the likelihood of 24 Kitchen Street receiving noise complaints after the conversion, Liverpool City Council have told the owners that they would need to obtain a Temporary Events Notice which ultimately limits 24 Kitchen Street to host 12 events per year – a drastic decrease from the venue's usual 60-90 shows a year.

Kitchen Street's owners have claimed they would "rather shut our doors than work under such restrictive conditions" as the notice would "reduce the artistic and creative freedom on offer at Kitchen St."

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As Liverpool is renown for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site for Music, the owners are confused as to why Kitchen Street should "limit the way we operate to save a developer money", and continue to point out how "ironic" of the council this decision is as this is "failing to protect grassroots and independent music in the city"

A petition has been launched to prevent the closure of the music venue, which you can sign here.