Here’s where to buy the perfect jumper for your student Christmas dinner

Because everyone and their mum needs one

Is your student house or flat Christmas dinner looming? Are you looking for a Christmas jumper for the occasion, but can't seem to find what you're looking for? Scrolling through Pretty Little Thing or Missguided and thinking how nice but expensive their jumpers are for something you wear once a year?

Well look no further, just head down to Liverpool One's Primark to buy yourself a cosy Christmas jumper that won't break the student bank!

1. A white reindeer fantasy

This first jumper is so woolly and cosy, the detailing is very nice as well. It's subtle without being too over the top. Watch out if you spill anything on this as it's white, so I suggest wearing something underneath this as you'll probably be too hot from your Christmas dinner to actually wear this on it's own.

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Winter Reindeer Christmas jumper is a steal at £12

2. Reindeers are a staple, okay?

This next jumper has reindeers on it again (I think we have a theme going on here) but this one is very light and airy, so you would probably layer it up with some t-shirts or thermals just to keep warm.

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If you want to be super Christmassy buy the matching leggings that go with the top!

This one does scream Christmas, so unless you're the type of person who loves everything Christmassy very early on, this jumper might not be for you.

3. Sometimes you gotta go all out on the cuteness

Here is the most adorable Christmas jumper EVER! If you are a fan of polar bears, or even just cute, cuddly animals, this jumper is the one for you! It's so soft and cosy that you could easily wear this around Liverpool One over the top of a skirt without your friend's making a scene about you being too Christmassy and over the top.

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For only £7 this is definitely a bargain

4. The ultimate Christmas jumper, period!

Finally, this last Christmas jumper is for those people who want to make a statement about how much they like Christmas. I mean you have the mistletoe and the snow, plus the two penguins, what doesn't scream Christmas about this jumper?!

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Again for £12 this jumper won't break your student loan too much.

It's so warm and big that you could even wear it as a jumper dress, and dress it up by wearing some tights (thermal ones of course, as we all know how bitter and cold Liverpool gets at night) with some little black Chelsea boots. What's not to love about this jumper!

So, if you're thinking of buying yourself a new Christmas jumper this Christmas season, but don't want to spend a ridiculous amount on it , head to Primark down in Liverpool One, for all your Christmas jumper desires!