Here’s what the Guild Presidents think about students attending Climate Strikes

The next one is on Friday

The second YouthStrike4Climate of this semester will be happening this Friday at St. George's Hall in Liverpool.

A feeder strike is starting from University Square at 12 pm, organised by UCU (University and College Union). Students will be encouraged to walk down with other staff and like-minded students to join the main march.

The Liverpool Tab spoke to the Student Officers who represent the students of UoL about their views on the upcoming strike and whether students and staff should participate.

Dylan Thomson, Liverpool Guild of Students' Deputy President, told The Tab: "The organising and campaigning skills of YouthStrike4Climate Liverpool continue to inspire me".

He added: "The climate strikes are a constant reminder that society has to deal with the impending climate catastrophe; inspiring other organisations from UCU to Merseyside Pensioners Association."

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Thompson is not the only student officer lending his support to the movement. Hannah Nguyen, Vice President of Liverpool Guild of Students told The Tab: "Climate strikers across the UK have kept the climate crisis on the political agenda".

Hannah added: "It’s important that university students and workers join to support them this Friday to ensure that this remains a key focus in the upcoming election."

Alex Whitehead, a first-year Evolutionary Anthropology student, told The Tab that he wanted to "Thank YouthStrike4Climate for giving me and other young people a restoration of faith in our generation and hope for our future".

The strike in Liverpool will take place on Friday 29th November, beginning at St. George's Hall at 12 pm. The Facebook event promises speeches, chants and music.

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