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Left-wing house tells UoL Young Tory leader there could be a ‘clash’ if she moves in

The Tory student took to Twitter to rant about it

The former president of UoL Young Conservatives was told by tenants of a student house there would be a "potential clash" if she moved in.

Olivia Lever viewed the property last week. The tenants later contacted her via Twitter to advise her against taking the room, adding they were "a very left wing house."

Olivia tweeted a screenshot of the message, alongside a picture of a window in the house decorated with a display which read: "Fuck the Tories."

She said: "The tolerant left strike again."

Olivia also claimed the house was decorated with "Brexshit" stickers and a poster of notable Marxist Che Guevara.

She described the house as a "potential option" despite these decorations not matching her politics.

Retweeting Olivia's original tweet, user Twigs said: "You’re not thick, you chose to go to uni in LIVERPOOL of all places and proclaim yourself a proud Tory.

"Don’t go to a city ravaged by the Conservatives and then cry when you get the reaction you sought."

Her response has so far received 3.5k likes and 340 retweets.

Twigs told The Liverpool Tab her followers are primarily Scousers who "know how it goes here in terms of the cultural and political landscape."

She added: "Olivia is entitled to her own opinion, but she's bound to know the history of the city and what the proclamation of a Tory stance means here.

"She's aware of how inflammatory this could be and yet still tried to garner sympathy by posting a message without consent, along with pictures of someone's house!

"I don't mean to attack this girl personally at all, I don't even know her! I'm all for opening up a respectful dialogue on politics, particularly in these very turbulent times.

"But dedicating extracurricular time to promoting Tories in Liverpool of all places, being told politely that you mightn't get along with very lefty housemates, and then acting hard done to by the 'tolerant left' is bound to garner backlash."

The Liverpool Tab has reached out to Olivia Lever for comment but is yet to receive a response.

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