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UoL has strongly advised its students in Hong Kong to return home

All of their classes have been cancelled

The University of Liverpool has called for all students living in Hong Kong as part of the year abroad programme to return to the UK.

This is due to the civil unrest in Hong Kong, which has led to several British universities recalling their students, including Southampton, Manchester and Edinburgh.

UoL told The Liverpool Tab: 'Our Hong Kong partners have taken the decision to cancel all classes for the rest of this semester and, as such, we have strongly advised all students to return home.'

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The uni will also be funding students to follow this advice, adding: 'Our students will be supported to cover any additional cost of changing their flights home.'

Not all universities are following this procedure, with some confirming that they will not be calling students to return home.

St Andrews officials told The St Andrews Tab: 'We are in contact with our students and staff in Hong Kong and will continue to monitor the situation.'

If you are currently studying in Hong Kong and your university has contacted you, get in touch with any information: [email protected]