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These were Liverpool’s best-dressed students this spooky season

There’s only 365 days until next Halloween

October is over for another year, which means deadlines and pre-Christmas dread are looming for students all over Merseyside. So, instead of wallowing in our post-spooky season gloom, we asked you on The Liverpool Tab's Instagram for last night's best costumes and outfits, from the cop-out devil horns from Smiffy's to the full-on Jokers and Harley Quinns.

Relive the best night of the year by taking a look at the best costumes the students of Liverpool had to offer!

Playboy Bunnies

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The co-ordination on these outfits is stunning, and we especially love the fluffy sliders. We give you a strong 8/10, ladies.


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OH, WHAT'S OCCURRIN'. I'LL AV A PINT… OF WINE. This is absolutely iconic and we're too scared of Nessa to not give it 10/10.

699 Bus Drivers

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This is the cutest thing we've ever seen, and we're sure you're all way nicer than the people driving all the Freshers to their 9 am seminars on a Monday morning! 11/10 for originality.

Student Debt?

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I mean, we're all terrified of the loans we're stacking up, so this makes total sense, really. This gets a 6/10 from us as it's a bit low-key but it did make us laugh!


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A Joker costume but make it FASHION. They should defo cast you in the next film, 8/10 for the gender flip.

80s Sporty Bois

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These lads' co-ordination is even better than the bunnies'! Not sure beer will help with the running, though. 8/10!

Pulp Fiction

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Okay so this is without question the best Tarantino film and we absolutely love this sick tribute to Mia and Vincent, which we give a strong 8/10! Wig flew, literally.

Sexy Jon Snow

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Is it still soon to make GoT jokes? We think so, and this jokey take on the King in the North is very entertaining, unlike the way the TV show ended earlier this year. We're triggered but this is till a 10/10.

Pennywise and Georgie

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These costumes would've taken a lot of time and energy to put together so we really appreciate the effort, a solid 10/10! Will look for you in the sewers of Liverpool x

Lots of Masks

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The Purge was a popular choice for yet another year. We can't quite work out what the other two masks are but they're pretty cool too. 7/10 from us guys!

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