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We compared LJMU and UoL to finally decide which uni is better

Rather be a poly than a poshy

Ah, the age-old question – which uni is better, University of Liverpool or Liverpool John Moores. We see debates on this issue on Liverfess on an almost daily basis, so The Liverpool Tab thought we'd put an end to the beef and make an issue-by-issue comparison of the two biggest universities in Liverpool.


LJMU: You won't find as many people walking round with a stick up their arse. There's a good sense of community when walking into John Foster, for example, and everyone is fairly friendly. 7/10

Uni of: There is a stereotype from Russell Group uni students that some are slightly up themselves. However, there does seem to be a nice close-knit environment – especially in places in like the Guild. 7/10

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You'll meet great people at either one!


LJMU: Slight issue here…there isn’t one. Most of John Moores buildings are pretty spread out and located on main roads. This means students are more integrated in the city rather than student areas. This can mean a lesser sense of community and safety. But, the garden located in between the John Foster building and the library is extremely pretty, especially in summer and autumn to take your revision break in. 5/10

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Get a break from the library in these beaut gardens

Uni of: All the buildings for uni are mostly located near each other. The buildings are much older but it creates a lovely surrounding. Stressed in the library? Take a break or have your lunch on the grass in Abercromby Square. 8/10

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Students' Union

LJMU: The rather minuscule room doesn’t resemble what many other SUs around the country look like. Apart from the (very comfy) bean bags and the woman who’s in charge of the food stall, there isn’t much else to offer. No nightlife events are held, and the lack of bars linked to the uni is a massive downfall for this uni. 4/10

Uni of:
The Guild is never not packed. It always has a great atmosphere, with many people planning to meet up and eat together there. The Guild shop is filled with Uni of merch, where you can show off your pride. We also can’t forget the basically famous burritos sold here, which is a MAJOR plus – and the gym is a great place to work it off! 9/10

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Sorry LJMU, Uni of defo wins this round


LJMU: Both libraries for this uni are pretty good. The Aldham Robarts library is modern, open and has everything you need. It’s even getting a refurbishment for a cafe, and it opposite the John Foster building. But, during exam season it can be pretty hard to get a good seat! Although the Avril Robarts library is not as modern, it doesn’t get as packed in exam season and it located near some accommodations and some LJMU buildings. 8/10

Uni of:
The two libraries, although massive aren’t anywhere near as big as they need to be for the amount of students there is. Although they have everything you need, it can get extremely busy in the SJ around exam season, there’s no chance of you getting a seat unless you want to get up at the crack of dawn! 6/10

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Not that anyone is arsed about libraries anyway


LJMU: The options for accommodation for LJMU are quite varied, catering to most people. Quite a few of them are city-centre, rather modern, and very sociable for first year students! But, the unis lack of accommodation means that students can be left feeling a bit disjointed from the uni and other students. 7/10

Uni of: A lot of the accommodation choices, such as Crown Place and Philharmonic, for Uni of students means that the campus is right on your doorstep (but that doesn’t mean it’s any more likely you’ll make it to your 9am). But the pricing for UoL-affiliated accommodation is very spenny. The cheapest being £143 a week (Tudor Close on Grenville street) and the most expensive being £218 a week (a fancy studio at Greenbank). Most students apply for the same choices, meaning many are left disappointed. 6/10

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Some funny memories (good and bad) in halls

All in all, both universities are pretty good and each have their strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day, both give you a great degree!