Three last minute makeup looks for Halloween

Because three is the magic number

Halloween is just around the corner and you'll probably be planning out your outfits with your flatmates or with your friends. You'll be able to party the night away once it's sorted, right?…

If you have no idea what you're dressing up as or HOW to do your makeup, don't worry, these 3 makeup ideas will definitely give you inspiration!

1. Harley Quinn

All you need is some eyeliner and some red and blue eye-shadow. This makeup look is so easy, your flatmates could even do this while they're drunk… right not a good idea.

You'll definitely pull your Joker in Heebies if you play your cards right.

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Simple and easy so you won't be late for pres

2. Magical Mermaid

If going for the horror look freaks you the hell out, then don't worry we have you covered. Here's a cutesy makeup look so that your Halloween is not all doom and gloom. This look is easy and impossible to mess up. Take a pair of fishnet tights and dab a cream highlighter (or any cream product) over sections of your face and body and it'll give you the appearance of having scales. You'll look like a shiny mermaid instantly. Who said Halloween had to be scary!

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Tip: if you want to look even more like a mermaid a blue lipstick will get you extra brownie points in looking like you've stepped out of the Mediterranean Sea instead of the River Mersey.

3. Cat

If you have been drowning in coursework and presentations and haven't given your outfit a second thought, then this is the makeup look for you. With this basic cat look you won't need to storm into your friends room, half drunk, in a panic about what to wear. All you need is an eyeliner to draw on the cat nose and whiskers, and who cares if you haven't drawn them on properly, or if you are the millionth cat in Concert Square, you'll probably be too drunk to remember!

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So basic you have no excuse not to dress up

These last minute makeup ideas don't require a lot of work and you will probably have everything you need already in your makeup bag. Hopefully this given you some inspiration, so that your Halloween plans in Liverpool will be ghoulishly great!