The lad who got the bloke from Nabzy’s on his bank card has now got a Nabzy’s TATTOO

If our love doesn’t match this then I don’t want it

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the lad who got the face of a Nabzy's employee as the background of his bank card and thought that was the extent of Johnny Fuller's passion for Nazby's, but no. The recent JMU graduate's friend Elly took to Twitter to show the world Johnny's next steps in showing his love for Liverpool's best takeaway.

The Tab spoke to Johnny about this amazing investment and this was what the megafan had to say about this amazing life choice.

'So how did this happen and what the hell was I thinking?'

'This time last year I got one of the main members of Nabzy's staff – Tom – on my bank card and I was stunned when a picture of the card spread around on Twitter. It was a funny few weeks and we all had a good laugh about it. My friends and I always went there at the end of our nights out in town. All the staff there always looked after us and made sure we were safe!'

Where did the idea for a tattoo come from?

'One night I joked to Tom about taking the whole thing a step further and getting his face tattooed on me, but I was quickly talked out of that by everyone around me. Ever since then, I always thought the Nabzy's logo would be a ridiculous, but sentimental, tattoo that I can look back on in the future as a symbol of the amazing time I've had in Liverpool since starting uni.'

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No ragrets

Are you worried about what people might say?

'I know how stupid the tattoo looks to some people, and that is perfectly fine! Life is too short – and my sleeves can cover it nicely.'

Johnny's friend Elly added: 'I think he's an idiot, but he's our idiot. It's all for a laugh ain't it.'

Have you told Nabzy's about your homage to them?

"The Nabzy's staff haven't actually seen the tattoo yet, but I'm hoping to pop in and see their reactions soon. My design might be daft but the high quality work was done by Emma Bebbington at Design 4 Life Liverpool – she did a fab job and I appreciate that she squeezed me in today when I decided to commit to this last night."

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The things you love the most can also hurt you the most, obviously

Surely Johnny would be worthy of a life-long discount whenever he visits Nabzy's after this?

Any final thoughts on why you love Nabzy's so much?

'Nabzy's was and continues to be a vital pit stop for students in Liverpool and the city wouldn't be the same without them! I don't regret this for a moment. Nabzy's, if you're reading this, our group love your baked bean pizza and we'll see you again soon!'

If they do not have a tattoo of your face visibly on their arm, it's pretty safe to say they need to be binned. Everyone, use Johnny as a prime example of how to loudly and proudly show your love for someone.

Now we wait for someone to get a guild burrito tattooed on them…