Which Liverpool coffee shop you should go to based on your mood

A comprehensive guide to navigate the coffee shops of Liverpool

We've compiled a guide to help break your habit of taking classic trips to Starbucks and switch them with some of our favourite independent cafes in Liverpool. Whether you're studying, socialising or trying to impress, we've got you covered!

Feeling studious for once?

Sometimes, spending some money to study anywhere but the SJ is allowed, but let us recommend to you the best places your hard-earned student loan should be spent!

The Little Bakery:

Found at the top of Bold Street, The Little Bakery is a modern, family-run cafe which serves homemade bread, cakes and breakfast. It’s the perfect place to grab a table at the front of the shop and settle in to work. The big open window lets in loads of light and makes you extra productive because people peak in to look at the bread on display. The coffee is reasonably priced and the staff are super friendly!

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Really good coffee ^^^^^

Bold Street Coffee:

As the name suggests Bold Street Coffee is on Bold Street (duh), not far from The Little Bakery. The interior is filled with modern, sleek tables and wall art. The atmosphere is always bustling, providing really good background noise for hard work (like lo-fi but in real life). The coffee there is super researched, like, they love high-end beans and it shows in their quality drinks. Overall, a dreamy coffee to go alongside all those notes you have to make.

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Dogs are welcome here so furry visitors are almost a guarantee!

You've been in the SJ all day, it's time to socialise

Catching up with friends? Wanting to eat cheap for a special occasion? These places are for you food lovers on a budget!


New in town, Slims is a diner that serves killer food and amazing iced coffee. It’s such a social hang-out for catch ups, lunches and even opens as a bar in the evenings. It’s all white tiles and neon signs, the perfect place for insta pics and VSCO girl hang outs. (Life hack: order the children's menu if you want pudding and save £6!)

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Almost bathroom vibes from outside, but it has a super Tumblr interior


Potentially my favourite coffee shop in Liverpool, Lovelocks is located on Old Haymarket Street near the Central Library, which seems like a trek but it's worth it for the cheap drinks and brunch food they serve. Not only is the atmosphere so calming with big windows, hanging plants and an old playlist, they also have stacks of board games to play whenever you want, so many that the pile is taller than the average human. If you’re splashing out for food, the menu starts at £4 and doesn’t get a lot higher than that!

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Thicc food and a game of Scrabble (I lost)

For those feeling particularly bougie…

Whether your parents are coming to see you or you're trying to impress a significant other, take them here and give them a wow.

Rococo Coffee House:

Rococo is a coffee shop located on Lord Street, right above EE and in the centre of Liverpool. The whole floor is cluttered with sofas and comfy seats ready for you to sit there all day. They sell lunch, coffee, and smoothies for a reasonable price which all have great reviews! It makes you look like a local, dragging your family to a small door, up some stairs and then into a lively room full of coffee lovers. A hidden gem? Seems like you'd bring some wow to them with this place!

The Egg Café:

Just off Bold Street, this café only serves vegetarian and vegan food and the reviews suggest it’s hella good. Even the walk up to the café (it’s up two flights of stairs to help burn off what you’re going to eat) is lined with hand painted vines and branches on a purple background. It would be the perfect place to take anyone you’re wanting to make a good impression on, without breaking the bank too!

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Veggie and vegan heaven

If this helps anyone who is stuck in the SJ's Starbucks to branch out, we'll be happy.