Fed up with first year regrets? Here’s how to try and avoid them

Long story short: everyone’s a mess

Moving to uni in Liverpool is a crazy experience and it takes some adjustment. Your first year here can be amazing, what with new levels of freedom that inevitably lead to regret after regret. Hopefully, some of these tips can steer you in the right direction.

“Not throwing myself in at the deep end”

The best way to get to know people is simple: talk to everyone you meet! We know it’s hard but trust us, everyone is in the same boat. Whether it’s the person sitting next to you in the SJ, that girl who looks like she’s waiting for the same seminar on Mount Pleasant, or the guy from floor 5 of Crown Place who just got in the lift, try and find a way of introducing yourself.

A perfect way to guarantee new friends (or at least new people to meet) is to join one of over 200 societies at UoL. You’re spoilt for choice really, so join a few and go to their socials, the epitome of throwing yourself in the deep end.

Spending time in the kitchen is also a pretty basic but perfect way of bonding with your flatmates – you can’t get to know them by staying cooped up in your room.

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Themed socials are a MUST

“I wish I didn’t rely so much on my flatmates”

As nice as it can be to get on with your flatmates, don’t tie yourself down to them. Even though they’re great, you’ll soon feel the regrets of not branching out and getting to know other people as well. It can be really refreshing to leave your room and go meet some outsiders in the Sphinx or for coffee on Bold Street.

"I'm never getting that bad again"

Messy nights out are inevitable, there’s no way around that. However, you have to think about those experiences positively; you will never regret that pizza or those cheesy chips at the end of the night. Ultimately, as long as you're not putting yourself or your friends in danger, ending up on the floor of McCooley's or embarrassing yourself in front of the staff in Nabyz's isn't the worst thing in the world!

Mistakes were made

“Liverpool is amazing, but I feel like I all I know is the route to Concert Square”

When your friends and family from home visit you, you don’t want your knowledge of Liverpool to be limited to which student nights are the best. Explore the city and soak in the culture – Liverpool didn’t win Capital of Culture 2008 for nothing! The museums at the docks or by Lime Street are a common favourite for students wanting to do something other than drink, and be sure to go on day trips to Crosby or Formby when the weather is peng.

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The docks are a prime location for insta gold

“I should've never gone up to them in Level”

The number one tip for first years – DO NOT pull anyone from your seminars, tutorials or anyone that you will have to face in the near future, including your flatmates!

Whilst it could lead to a relationship, it most likely won’t and you’ll be facing embarrassment every single day, week, month etc. until you finish your degree.

“Wish I'd never got that bloody overdraft”

Many students tend to dip into their overdraft, sometimes even by the end of Freshers' week (oops). Maybe it's okay miss that one night out or if you're stubbon, just pre-drink harder so you spend less. Make a lunch at home for your full day in the library, oh, and do you really need more fairy lights for your room in Crown Place?

“First year doesn't count so I'm staying in bed”

We all know how easy it to fall into the deep pit of laziness. Everyone would much rather have a good Raz or Skint night than make their 9am seminar. Remember that essay that’s due in next week, though? All-nighters in the freezing cold confines of the SJ, scrambling to finish your work, never end well, even if you only need 40% to make it to second year.

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Netflix will always be there for your duvet days

First year can be a whirlwind of new experiences and emotions. Yes, your degree is what you’re in Liverpool for, but why spend all that money to study and not enjoy yourself at the same time? We would go as far as to say that student life in Liverpool is unparalleled. You won't find a nightlife that rivals Magaluf or such a rich cultural and music history anywhere else.

Take every opportunity you get, and maybe try steering clear of the potential regrets. But, if you slip up, there'll be someone on the 699 who has done the exact same in the past – that's just the Liverpool way.