Ghoulish garms: Outfit ideas for you and your housemates this spooky season

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

It's October already and university is in full swing. Many people haven't gotten over the fact that summer is over. But, it's time to accept that Halloween is right around the corner. Whether you've had your costume planned for months, or ALWAYS leave it to the last minute every year, we've got some ideas you can draw inspiration from!

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costumes so hot they should be illegal;)

This classic halloween go to is a great group costume for you and all your housemates, and it's also low on cost. Wear any black or white clothing, buy a cheap police hat from the costume shop or Ebay and you're done. If you wanted to mix it up slightly, you could have cops and robbers or add some orange jumpsuits for convicts.

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Oh deer. Oh deer. Oh deer.

For a look that isn't too deer, wear a suede skirt and cream top. I made some ears out of felt (you could even buy a pair for a cheap price) and drew on the face with makeup! Let's not ignore the terrifying Homer Simpson in the background. If you fancy recreating that, get back to us with the results.

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till death do us part…

This superrrr hot look definitely isn't as innocent (or as alive) as most would want to look on their wedding day. Stick on any white clothing, buy a cheap veil, a bunch of flowers from Wilko, and borrow someone with some insane makeup skills and you're all set! Close to no money spent and not too much preparation. Good luck with the fake blood stains you'll have for the days after.

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Ice cold angel…..

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…vs fiery red devil

The classics. The go-to outfits for most girls. But, this doesn't have to make them any less fun to put together or wear. You can dress as an angel with a tight white dress and pair it with the halo and wings (which will most probably get stolen by some boy in the club). You could even put a fun twist and do a fallen angel look if you fancy darker makeup and black outfits. If your wardrobe is full of red dresses or pvc outfits from Pretty Little Thing, then a devil is your safest option! Both these accessories are cheap and accessible. For the makeup lovers, you can really play around with these ones. Remember to have fun with it.

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"Got your outfit covered? Aye-aye captain!"

Pirates aren't the most obvious choice, but the varied ways you can produce this look are endless. Find any white top, either a t-shirt or crop top will do, and pair this with a black or red skirt. Then, find some form of headband or belt and you're good to go! You could even buy a sword, eye patch, or a parrot if you're feeling…tropical?

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Let me tell your fortune…or maybe just how cheap this outfit was!

This is probably the easiest outfit out of the whole bunch. You can make any outfit from this. Simply buy a headband from primark (as cheap as £1!!!) and finesse yours or your housemates makeup skills to complete this look.

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If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends

Last, but 100% not least! If you really want to go for it this Halloween with your girl housemates, what more could you want than to dress as one of the biggest girl bands ever? It's a perfect way of showing everyone's personalities; even if two of you might argue over baby spice… it's definitely worth it, as it always produces the BEST results!

We hope this article inspires you to get spooky with your outfits this Halloween. Hit us up if you use any of the ideas!