Here are the five best A/W fashion trends to wear on campus this semester

From the runway to your university

Stuck on what to wear now the weather is colder than usual and summer seems like a million miles away? If you didn't attend London Fashion Week but you want to recreate some of the trends that were broadcast on the cat-walks, then have no fear, here are a few Autumn/Winter collection staples that everyone should have in their wardrobes.

1. Florals

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This trend suggested by Glamour really enables you to bring out the feminine side of your wardrobe. If you don't want to be reminded of the cloudy weather outside, this is the perfect trend for you as it brings out the bright, colourful side of your wardrobe out again. However, if you don't want to clash with wearing too many bright colours, why not try wearing a minimalist colour (brown, white, black, grey) to bring out the floral pattern of your top/jeans.

2. Corduroy Suiting

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Another trend which is suggested by Glamour. If you don't have a 'Co-ord' suit in your wardrobe, you can mix and match with different and patterns and styles. However, make sure they are a similar sort of colour. A cord suit will make you forget about the winter breeze as these are so warm to wear, especially with a turtle necked jumper (for the colder days). Style this with a white top and see how versatile these pieces are.

3. Snake Print

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Snake print is such a cool piece to wear during these Autumn/Winter type of months. You can look great in on outfit without having to put in any effort. Don't end up clashing prints as the outfit will not look great. Instead, wear a minimalist colour (grey, white, black) as you want your snake print top/leggings to pop without having too wild an outfit.

4. Checks on Checks

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Get your inner Cher on with this Clueless inspired outfit, the more check you have the better! This trend was also suggested by Glamour, so if you have a check blazer and a check skirt that you desperately wear now is the time to do it!

5. The New Minimal

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A regular at London Fashion Week, say "bye bye" to the bight and bold and go for a chic monochrome this A/W. The key to this look is the pairing, why not go for a plain T and a faux leather skirt, like shown, for an effortless everyday look.

Look stylish as the leaves fall with your newly inspired A/W wardrobe.