A survival guide to being a LJMU student

Rather be a poly than a…

Now that Freshers' Week is over, you should probably be getting to grips with being a John Moores student.

Liverpool John Moores is home to a mad mix. As you walk along Brownlow Hill, you're destined to see a few North Face Warriors who wear combat trousers to pretty much anything they can.

You have your prins who will smash business management and own a boutique with a daft name one day, and then there is everyone else who is happy they're free and learning about the city they will call home for the next three years.

Here's some pointers on how to survive your first year at LJMU.

How to combat the hangover

Freshers' Week is the best week-long piss up EVER, but now freshers' flu has set in it's time to realise that 9am lectures with a hangover are HORRIBLE. It's Tuesday morning, you had more Razbombs than needed, what are you gonna do? Two words: meal deal. Get yourself a combo of your choice and get through that three-hour lecture.

No regrets

John Foster, who made that shit?

If you're lucky enough to be based in Mount Pleasant, then you're surely aware of the maze that is the John Foster Building. Did you know you can go up a floor without going upstairs? If you have a lecture here, turn up early for your own sake.

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Friends from Freshers' Week aren't the only friends you'll make

Yep, I know you probably think you've made your best mates for life, but it's early days. This is the time to get out there and make as many pals as you can, they will make your experience a thousand times better.

Make sure you're healthy

Being at uni is all fun and games, but if you're not feeling 100 per cent then you need to know where to go – Brownlow Health Clinic on Brownlow Hill and at the back of the Guild.

If you aren't feeling your best, there are services in place to help. Counselling and support are available through the John Moores student well-being service, found next to the Aldham Roberts Library. Just drop them an email and they will try to help you as best as they can.

So, there you have it, just a few tips to help you through your first year. These will be the "best years of your life" as they say, so make sure you get out there and enjoy them!