UoL freshers left fuming as hundreds of rooms aren’t ready on move-in day

The building literally isn’t finished lmao

Hundreds of Liverpool students set to move into the Calibo Building were left in limbo after they were told their rooms weren't ready.

The new tenants were told their new accommodation would be uninhabitable for another four weeks despite having already paid a £100 deposit and eight weeks' rent.

They were due to move in on Saturday 14th September, but received an email on Friday night which read: "Due to circumstances out of our control we have been informed today by the developer that the building needs a few weeks longer to make sure it is perfect for your arrival."

New tenants have been placed in alternative accommodation also owned by Fresh Student Living in the city until the Calico Building is finished.

The delay has left many students unable to settle in, and some have no alternative but to commute into Liverpool each day from home or rent a storage facility to keep their belongings safe.

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Many students are outraged at the delay.

Second year Marine Biology student, Amy Kirby, said she was not told which accommodation she would be living in as she travelled up to Liverpool. When she turned up to register for temporary accommodation her name was not on the register.

She said: "I received emails from them telling me where I was supposed to be on the day of travelling down and then it was the wrong temporary accommodation – I got sent from Grand Central to Horizon Heights."

When asked how her home for the next four weeks compares to what she was promised, Amy said: "It wasn't the room I was promised, the rooms in general are much smaller and not as 'luxury' as I was promised."

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Her temporary accommodation lacks any of the mod cons the Calico building has, such as a gym, sky lounge and cinema room.

Amy said: "It seems like a whole lot of false advertising from Calico." She told The Liverpool Echo she worries the building will not be ready on the 12th October.

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The main contractors of the development, Create Construction, have said they remain "committed to completing the project to the highest of standards as soon as practically possible."

Students received an email from Student Fresh Living thanking them "for their patience and understanding whilst we relocate everyone."

Tenants were also told: "We will also be in touch with details of the compensation that will be offered to everyone."

Almost a week after the chaos began students are yet to receive an email about compensation packages.

Both the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University have issued statements expressing their disappointment and offering support for those students who were left in this troublesome situation.