Here are the top 10 things you can do in Liverpool with your new flatmates

Because Freshers is for more than just drinking!

Your first few weeks at uni can be tough. You're juggling the woes of food shopping for yourself (and then cooking the damn stuff), funding your newfound independence and dealing with the inevitable nights out and mornings-after. Your new flatmates will be there alongside you for the next year to help you out, or at least share in the pain, so make sure to use these ideas to get the most out of Freshers week and that quality bonding time before the hard work starts!

1. Ghetto Golf

In their own words, Ghetto Golf "combines crazy golf, theatre, cocktails and DJs in an art infused environment." For a fun night of drinks and music, all whilst playing 18-hole mini golf, head over to this converted brewery in the Baltic Triangle to bond with your new buddies.

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"Any hole's a goal!"

2. Escape Room

Escape rooms are popular with companies everywhere as a team building exercise, so why not apply the same logic to your new flat? There are several options in Liverpool, such as Clue Finders, Breakout and Escape Hunt. This can be a pricier option, so maybe wait for when the student loan drops, but it is sure to show you what your new flat are like under pressure. Better to find out now than during exam season!

3. Roxy Ballroom

Along the same lines as Ghetto Golf, the Roxy Ballroom combines drinks and balls (lol) for a different kind of night out. A second location has just opened in Liverpool; a testament to the popularity of the concept. After grabbing drinks at the bar, grab a table with your flatmates and play some beer pong, table tennis or pool. The new Cavern Quarter location also has a bowling alley. Making friends is so much easier when drinks are flowing and balls are flying.

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4. Hunt the Superlambananas

These odd-looking sculptures are designed to look like a cross between a lamb and a banana, and they're strangely cool! When Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture in 2008, 125 of them were spread across the city, all designed differently. Hunt them down to get to know the city and your new flat.

5. Sefton Park

Visiting Sefton Park with your new flatmates is a really cheap way of seeing Liverpool and bonding, especially if your loan hasn't dropped yet. Take a few drinks or a BBQ and a football for a chilled afternoon. For Carnatic and Greenbank students, Sefton Park is only a short walk away. Anyone who lives more centrally can just hop on the 699 from outside the Guild to Greenbank Road.

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The Palm House is a prime location for insta pics

6. The beach

Liverpool is blessed to be close to two beaches: Formby and Crosby. Whether you get there by public transport, bike or are lucky enough to have a driver in your flat, you should definitely make the trek. Fortunately, when you arrive in Liverpool in September the weather should still be nice enough to enjoy the beach. But remember to take a jacket as Merseyside's unpredictable sea breeze can get quite chilly.

7. Everton Brow

Everton Brow is a park which is about a 20 minute walk away from the Guild. It boasts panoramic views of the Liverpool skyline and is especially atmospheric in the dark with the lights of the city twinkling. In the daytime, you could take a picnic and some beers to sit and enjoy the view. This will also give you a good idea of the layout of the city that is now your home.

8. Baltic Market

The Baltic Market is ideal for a new group of friends to enjoy food. The food court takes the pressure off finding a restaurant that everyone fancies, with 11 food stalls to choose from. Sit down together and enjoy food that will suit vegans, meat-eaters, those with a sweet tooth or even fussy-eaters.

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The halloumi fries are a must

9. Pub Quiz

The pub will no doubt become a good friend of yours over the next few years, so why not start early by going to a pub quiz during Freshers week? From Evil Eye's Taco Tuesday Quiz (Smithdown Road, Tuesdays, 8pm) to the Great Big Spud Quiz at McCooley's (Concert Square, Mondays, 9pm) there is sure to be a pub quiz not too far from your halls. After a few pints, you don't need to take it too seriously, but it is a great way to get everyone talking.

Gotta love the Brookie

10. Beatles-themed fun

Across the globe, the first thing people think about when they hear the word 'Liverpool' is The Beatles. While Concert Square is the heart of student nightlife, Mathew Street holds a different appeal and it's here that you will find bars such as Rubber Soul and The Cavern Club. There, you can enjoy more relaxed drinks and bask yourself in some of Liverpool's Beatles culture.

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Simply iconic

Hopefully some of these ideas will help kick-start some of those lasting friendships that university is designed to give you. Even if you aren't a fresher and have seen your uni mates at their highest and lowest points, these suggestions are still a great way to enjoy the city and have some fun!