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UoL students visit Parliament to​ meet with Liverpool MPs to improve mental health services

Progress for UoL’s student mental health services

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Having the correct services in place to help those is suffering from mental health issues is so important. To ensure the right services are being provided, two University of Liverpool students have taken their campaign to Westminster.

The team from the new campaign group, UoL Students For Improved Mental Health Services, launched their campaign in May. The team of students are in the process of presenting their work to the university's Vice-Chancellor, setting out their campaign plans and aims. But before they do this, they wanted to seek endorsement from the city’s MPs.

Dame Louise Ellman MP, Stephen Twigg MP and Dan Carden MP were excited by the campaign and keen to get involved. They are also hoping to get the support of the city’s other two MPs.

Matthew Smith, a Campaign Founder told The Liverpool Tab: “Having the support of several MPs is a huge boost to the campaign, and it just makes us all the more confident that we are going to change things at the university. I’m looking forward to meeting with the university soon, as want to have a good working relationship with them.”

In the coming days, the team will be posting their letter in full on their Facebook page along with regular updates, so if you haven’t done it yet, like the page and show them your support, ‘UoL Students for Improved Mental Health Services’.