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A third year sent her dissertation to David Attenborough and he replied!

The letter was hand-written

A third year student at Liverpool John Moores University received a hand-written letter from Sir David Attenborough, after she sent him a copy of her dissertation.

Emma Tait wrote her dissertation about environmental policies at festivals, and Attenborough said he was "looking forward to reading it."

The Event Management student at LJMU, told The Liverpool Tab she "screamed the house down" when she opened the letter.

The letter read: "Dear Emma Tait, thank you for sending me a copy of your dissertation. I look forward to reading it.

"Yours sincerely, David Attenborough."

She told The Liverpool Tab: "I sent it to David Attenborough because I loved completing the study and believe something needs to be done within the festival industry to reduce their environmental impacts.

"I never thought I would get a reply in a million years I thought I'd maybe get a general typed letter."

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Tweeting a photo of the letter, Emma said: "Posted a copy of my dissertation to David Attenborough… AND I GOT A HAND WRITTEN LETTER BACK!

"Ready to take on climate change with him."

Emma's dissertation, entitled "Evaluation of environmental policies and practices implemented by UK music festivals; Boomtown, Glastonbury, Reading and Wireless," was awarded a first.

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This definitely needs framing

Attenborough, who has long fought for protection of the natural world, has often lent support to young people challenging the powers that be in the face of climate breakdown.

In a Guardian article written in April, when Extinction Rebellion protests were at their peak, Attenborough said: "Their outrage is certainly justified."

Emma is graduating with a first-class degree with honours and is currently applying for jobs within the events industry.

She told The Liverpool Tab her dream is to open her own environmentally-sustainable wedding venue, or manage the environmental impacts of large-scale events like Glastonbury.