Fliss Mayo is your Liverpool BNOC of 2019!

It’s been quite a journey, but we’ve made it

After three tough heats and an even tougher final, it can finally be revealed that Fliss Mayo, a third year Physics student, is taking home the Liverpool BNOC crown for 2019.

After explaining that her mum told her to not bother coming home if she didn't win the whole thing, and thanking Dennis Bergkamp's pirouette goal vs Newcastle in 2002, Fliss went on to beat Charlie Wootton and Harvey Jack in the final. The breakdown of the results is below:

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In her original nominations, having already beaten competitors by being put forward three times, it was wrote by one that "I miss Fliss, Fliss is bliss, if you diss Fliss I will piss on you and hiss." We bet this nominator is feeling pretty chuffed now.

Fliss, the captain of LUWFC, a DJ and a "total queen", spoke of her win, saying "thanks for voting peeps! Shout-out to the Physics crew, the home gals and the residents of 431a."

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"Two charities I'd like to mention are Solidaritee, which raises money for legal aid in Greece towards the refugee crisis, and ClientEarth, which is a non-profit law organisation which tackles climate change."

A big congratulations to this year's winner, and to everyone who featured in each heat – you're all BNOCs in our hearts.