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Meet Sister Sister: the band of Liverpool students

They all met in Crown Place

Alex, Phil, Max and Dan are Sister Sister, the boy band formed straight out of the University of Liverpool. With clothes generously loaned by COW Vintage on Bold Street, the band caught us up on their new EP, the state of their uni studies, and what the future holds.

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Sister Sister's sound is difficult to define. The band's strong experimental sound layered over smooth vocals and an adventurous silky, synth-pop processing makes their latest 9 track EP, "Grillin'", the band's boldest release to date. Whilst Alex's vocals are reminiscent of Alt-J's music, Max describes the band's biggest influences as Talking Heads and Frank Ocean, adding that a bit of Spice Girls or Robbie Williams goes down well too.

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Lead vocalist Alex's earliest memory of playing music is of being six years old and being gifted a small guitar from a neighbour, which he had no idea how to play. His passion has continued long into his degree. The boys met in first year in Crown Place, and soon formed both a strong friendship and a band through UoL's Band Society.

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Whilst many students would understand how a band would be too time-consuming, especially during final year, they seem to take it in their stride. Dan remarked that "it is a bit time-consuming with uni and work and the band as well, but we always make time", although he will admit that he has definitely missed deadlines over the years due to late night gigs and band practice.

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The band's lighthearted nature comes across in their interactions both with each other and the public, with Phil describing the band as "thicc hot boiiiiz" (with a compulsory three i's and a z), or perhaps "ciggies ciggies ciggies". Whilst they evidently don't take themselves too seriously, they do take their music seriously. The band have released several singles this year on Spotify and SoundCloud, which have all been well-received, and plan to release more music this year.

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Check out Sister Sister on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and all good streaming platforms. Their EP, "Grillin'", comes out on Friday 14th June.

See Sister Sister perform in venues across Liverpool! @sistersisterband

A special thanks to COW Liverpool for supplying Sister Sister's clothes. Visit them on Bold Street.