Love Island’s Michael is a Liverpool grad and a former Empire barman

He trains 20 minutes from Smithdown

Amongst the Love Island contestants this year is Scouser Michael Griffiths, a firefighter with over 43.5k Instagram followers.

More importantly, he went to Liverpool John Moores University, trained at a gym near Smithdown, AND was barman in Empire. His brother is is still studying there!

He's currently coupled with Irish Yewande, and can be heard frequently mentioning his work as a firefighter – when he's not dumbstruck by her intelligence.

Here's everything you need to know about the Islander:

How old is Michael?

Michael is 27 years-old which is pretty ancient compared to younger contestants like 20-year-old Sherif, but being 27 years old, a qualified personal trainer, and a firefighter deffo grants Michael bragging rights.

He went to John Moores University

Michael understandably enjoys mentioning his Biomedical Sciences degree to Yewande as much as possible. The Brainbox graduated in 2017, and his little brother is currently studying this same course also at JMU, how CUTE.

#LiverFess2638Michael from love island got his "science" degree from John moores. That's not a science degree…

Posted by LiverFess on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What does he actually do for a living?

Michael's LinkedIn profile says literally nothing about him being a firefighter.

Aside from his degree, Michael's LinkedIn talks mainly about his aspirations to play professional basketball. His bio reads: "I have played basketball for a large majority of my life and wish to advance to a higher level of play, whether that be advancing to a college level of play in the states or professional level in Europe."

Maybe he's just one of those people who made a LinkedIn about five years ago only to never touch it again.

He trains in a gym only 20 mins away from Smithdown

While he may now be confined to the single bench shown in the Love Island premiere episode, Michael has previously been spotted building his bonkers huge muscles at the Prophecy Performance Centre near Smithdown.

He takes a lot of Instas there with captions like "be your own motivations," so draw your own conclusions.

Does Michael have Instagram?

Michael's Instagram is pretty much just him working in Empire on Seel Street, him getting pissed with mates in those snazzy bars like 53Liverpool near the bombed out church us students tend to avoid, him on lads holidays in Ibiza, and of course him working out in a gym in Speke.

Considering Michael's go-to chat-up line is about him being a firefighter, the only firefighter posts on his insta were posted after he announced he was entering the Villa. Surely if he was a fit firefighter his feed would be spammed with him as a firefighter??

Michael's Instagram account suggests he competes in bodybuilding competitions nationally and keeps his personal training local in Speke.

He worked in Empire on Seel Street

The blessed humans who don't need to wake up early on a Monday are probably well-aware Empire run club nights on Sundays, but how aware are they that Empire employed Michael?

Empire haven't made any comments about Michael being on the show which is pretty harsh.

What is Michael looking for in the villa?

Michael's stated that he's "a straight-talking guy, I’ll tell people how it is", which we really did see when he admitted to having multiple threesomes.

Michael's hunt for love far far away from Concert Square isn't proving to be a challenge for him as he's said: "If I like something, I'll just go out and get it".

He wants a girl with a "nice bum" and someone he can "have a conversation with and not get lost in conversation." He's currently coupled with Yawande.

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