Stories of the soldiers who approached their SJ library crush

So there really is hope!

It's the time of year when it's important to dwell on the positives in life, rather than the increasing possibility of you getting a third and wasting yet another year of uni. Now you basically live in the library, it's time to complete your idyllic home by approaching your soulmate – here's stories of the brave ones who attempted the impossible.

The worst case scenario

"I once left my Insta on a note on his desk. He looked at it, stalked me, and never followed me" Anya, Geography, second year

The scenario you'd probably end up in

"Gave my friend's library crush a note with his Insta name on. He never returned to the library" George, Medicine, third year

The Erasmus disaster

"There was this really fit girl in the library on her laptop and I was feeling bold so I went up to her and asked if she comes here often. She looked at me blankly for about ten seconds before I saw that she was watching something in Spanish, realised she hadn't understood and bolted."

The least-expected scenario

"She was sat opposite her actual boyfriend, I have never struck out so hard and so fast."

A rare, mature scenario

"She said she was gay and accepted it as a compliment. We smile at each other when we cross paths, which is nice."

The one who made a wrong turn

"I left my number and all his mates started to text me weird immature stuff…yet another reminder to steer clear of fit rugby lads, ladies" Penelope, History and Politics, third year

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This is you thinking about how you're gonna approach your library bae

The one who stalked him out the door

"After a long day in the SJ I decided to approach my library bae, but as I walked towards him, he got up and walked out the library. Followed him to 92 Degrees before I considered how much of a stalker I was being and bailed. So long, pretty boy."

The one with a happy ending

"I matched a boy on Tinder, and then a week later I saw him in the SJ. We both stayed there working until like 1am, he came over and thirty minutes later we were shagging in the disabled toilets."

And finally the one to give us hope…

"He wrote his number on a piece of paper and slipped it on my desk. We're now fuck buddies."

Maybe this inspired you, maybe this ruined your confidence to approach them; either way just pass them a note, and let us know how you get on. Worst case scenario, just say you're writing a Tab article on it to deal with the rejection.