Here’s the starter packs for each University of Liverpool halls

I guess you really are what you live in

Undeniably at Liverpool, each student falls into a category of stereotypes: the BNOCs, the beloved Scousers, the unwelcome southerners, and the ones who try too hard to fit into the Carnatic style of life. If we can categorise ourselves, why shouldn't we categorise our halls?

Below beholds the answers to your prayers: finally, your very own (incredibly accurate) halls starter packs.

Crown Place

Image may contain: Furniture, Poster, Advertisement, Person, Human, Text

Melville Grove

Image may contain: Cutlery, Spoon, File, Text

Carnatic Halls

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Vine Court

Image may contain: Oboe, Musical Instrument, Laptop, Computer, Pc, Electronics, Person, Human

Philharmonic Court

Image may contain: Brochure, Paper, Flyer, Advertisement, Poster, Human, Person, Text

Dover Court

Image may contain: Drink, Beverage, Apparel, Clothing, Human, Person


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