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These are some of the best posts from LiverFess

Monster muncher’s in the SJ, cutlery bandits and SO MUCH MORE!

If you don't know already LiverFess is Liverpool's candid, anonymous and brutal confession page. Whether you're in desperate need of releasing that pent up anger toward your flatmate, if your sick of having a popular 'unpopular opinion' shoved down your throat or just need the opportunity to throw some shade at uni life in general then LiverFess is the Facebook page you need to have on your timeline.

Here are some of our favourite posts that had us howling with laughter, relating to or wishing we'd of thought of first.

When Carnatic breakfast leaves you hangry

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Self deprecation is on another level if your sex life is comparable to Uni's shitty wifi.

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We've all experienced a monster muncher in the silent area.

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Not all heroes wear capes.

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Probably easier to get to middle-earth than it is to get down Brownlow Hill TBH

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Nobody: Lights: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Next week on extreme couponing…

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Anybody who is willing to scran outside is a braver man than me.

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I have more faith in this fella handling brexit then any MP tbh.

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Eating a bowl of soup with a fork be like:

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Don't pretend like you haven't left us girls with PTSD whenever we see that multi coloured three button t-shirt from Topman.

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Spilling. The. Tea.

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At this point we're just desperate to pass the module.

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