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10 things you can do to make your 9am

If there’s a will, there’s a way to avoid every 9am

Why do lectures or seminars that start at the ungodly hour of 9am even exist? Barely anyone turns up to them because they're either hungover or lazy. Trust me, we've been there a million times over. Your bed will always seem more appealing than waking up, getting dressed and trekking to a lecture…only to doze-off and not listen anyway. How did we ever manage a 7am wake-up time for school? Well folks, we've attempted to compile a list of things that help us roll out of bed… Although if you've missed every lecture so far, is there any point in starting to attend now?

1. Choose your outfit the night before

It only takes five minutes to put together a quick and easy outfit to throw on. Once you've got it set out, you literally have to jump out of bed and half of the stress is already done for you. Good luck legging it to the bus stop.

2. Use the incentive of a yummy brekkie

Forget this point if you're at Carnatic. It's not even worth it.

The minute your alarm goes off, start imagining all of the amazing food you can have for breakfast. Then remember that you're a student and can't afford to buy a decent breakfast, so you'll settle for a dreamy, delicious apple. Or leftover pizza from the night before.

3. Set multiple alarms

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They will all most definitely be snoozed

Eventually, you'll get fed up with that headache of a noise buzzing in your ear, then you'll turn off the series of alarms to follow, decide it's not even worth it, roll over, and go back to sleep until 1pm. Alternatively, you can try and choose an upbeat song as your alarm. This will then very swiftly become your most hated song as it reminds you of early mornings.

4. Think how much work you can crack on with when you wake up four hours earlier than usual

Imagine waking up earlier than 12pm, hearing the birds, seeing the sunrise, eating breakfast as opposed to brunch…then snapping back to the reality that this will never happen at uni unless you're extremely motivated. But seriously, after you've attended your 9am, you can really make the most of that period of time between 10am and 12pm and head to the library to smash out some deadlines.

5. Try and go to bed a bit earlier… if that's even a thing at uni

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That single, spring mattress bed sure does look comfy…

I'd recommend getting at least five hours sleep the night before so your brain cells can function. That would mean hitting the hay at around 3am and thanking yourself for saying no to that last Raz bomb.

6. Find a mate who also has a 9am and motivate each other

We're not talking sending each other motivational quotes and banging on about how good you'll feel after. A simple "let's wake each other up" will do. It always helps when you suffer the pain of being up that early with someone else. What's also helpful is having someone else to complain to about all of your other lazy mates still being in bed.

"As if they're still in bed and it's 10 past 8pm"

"Oh well, we're the productive ones getting stuff done."

"Yeah true. Can't believe how bloody lazy they are."

"… kind of wish we were still asleep though, not gonna lie"

7. Remember you can return home and go back to bed after

If you make the effort to wake up and actually attend it, you'll feel so much better. Then, you can head straight back to your comfy bed if need be. And if you can't do this because you're at uni from nine to five on that particular day, unlucky mate. Suck it up and think of how productive you're being.

8. Have as much caffeine as possible

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Coffee. Is. Key.

It will be almost impossible to function that early without fuelling up with caffeine. If you're pushed for time, make sure to get your instant coffee ready the night before. It'll be your best friend in the morning.

9. Ignore the negative thoughts and contemplations of whether it's "really worth it" in your head

We're all guilty of convincing ourselves not to go. Well, it's time to change those negative thoughts of how boring it's gonna be. Start thinking that it is worth it and you'll benefit from going in the long run. If that doesn't work then try and…

10. Remind yourself of how much you're paying per lecture… and then watch it online anyway

If you tell yourself enough times that each lecture costs around £30, you'll soon feel bad. Luckily, you do get enough bang for your buck, as most of them are uploaded to Vital anyway. Result.

Hopefully, this will motivate you guys to get your arses out of bed and to that 9am. If it doesn't, rest assured that we're all in the same boat; they're the worst things ever and we should start a petition to get rid of them all together. Who's with me?