These are some of the weirdest things Liverpool students have given up for Lent

Rugby men can wait until after Easter


Ever wondered if you’re more normal than others? We’ve complied a list to help reassure you. An Instagram call-out was posted to expose yourself, your friends or anyone you know who gave up something random for Lent. We don’t want to hear about the lack of chocolate you’re consuming. That’s only torture for the brain. We want to know some random stuff. Here’s a list of the top nine things our very own students deprived themselves of this year:

1. Baked beans

I fully support giving up baked beans. What a horrific food, but I’m curious to know the reasoning. A bad experience? Too reliant on them? Just a random self-testing? Someone please explain.

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Something I fully support giving up

2. Vegetables

I fear every student considers giving up vegetables but mind you don’t end up getting scurvy. Excessive drinking and a lack of healthy foods sounds like bad combo (but who knows, you may not drink?? (Unlikely))

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No shade to the mushrooms in this pic, but veg is ick

3. Vegetarianism

This is cheating the system on a whole new level. As a new vegetarian I understand the craving of a chicken nugget but once you break I’m concerned it would be hard to begin again. Good luck to you!

4. Mayonnaise

This one must have a back story too. I’m picturing a scarring experience that made you give up mayo. Did you try and squeeze some out a bottle and it came out so abruptly it splattered in your eye? (That is a true story and I am eternally sorry for my friend that happened to. Crying in public has never been so valid.)

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Again, something I support giving up

5. All foods beginning with ‘C’

This is niche. Like really, really niche. An inclusive list of this is what? Chocolate? Carrots? Coffee? Cereal? Why are you doing this to yourself? Which ‘C’ items hurt you?

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I'm offended by this one. What did cereal ever do to you?

6. Not going to lectures

My housemate has, impressively I must admit, not gone to a full week of lectures/seminars yet. Honestly, I think it sounds ideal, but apparently her aim for Lent is to make it through. A trooper really.

7. The gym

This is the most valid Lent dump ever. The gym is full of sweaty, healthy people *shudder*. God forbid stepping foot in there ever again, let alone over Lent.

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Fitness? No thanks

8. Men, specifically rugby men

This one is too real. Whoever sent this in, I support your decision fully. Let's hope you don't break it once Varsity comes round…

9. The SJ

This one seems like more of a bad idea than I good one, but it’s a big mood. I hope you see a benefit from not going into that prison.

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I felt sick just being there to take this pic. Good decision to give this one up

So, did this make you seem more normal compared to some of your peers? Or are you having an identity crisis? Personally, I think this list causes some concern but each to their own! Good luck to everyone through lent, whether you’ve given up chocolate or mayonnaise – just imagine how good it will taste after!