Why La’go is the best night out in Liverpool, no debate

We love you La’go!

We already know that Liverpool is one of the best cities in the UK for a night out (especially a student night out). This was even confirmed in a survey last year. But where is the best place to go you might ask? We have the answer to this burning question, and that place is La'go. And there's no doubt about it. Some of you may disagree, and try (and fail) to put Level or Heebies as a contender, but sadly you're all wrong, and this is every reason why.

La'go has free entry

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A hearty post-night out meal or £5 entry? It's a no-brainer

What's better than going out and not having to pay to enjoy yourself? You can use the extra fiver that Level was going to take off you for that well-earned Nabzy's at the end of the night, or McDonald's, if you're feeling bougie.

It has the best music

It doesn't try to cater for everyone by having floors upon floors of different music genres, meaning you don't have to traipse up and down stairs following your flatmates who can't decide between cheesy pop and RnB. Instead, you spend the evening hearing absolute bangers that you can't help but bop along to. You'll ask yourself; have I really been dancing non-stop for 3 hours? Yes, you have. The DJs are sent from the Gods above and know what we want.

You'll never lose your friends

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The shock when you see your flatmates after an eternity of them being missing

La'go is a nice size; you're not cramped in, but you don't have to be watching your housemate like a hawk in fear of losing them. If you want another drink and your housemate wants to chat up their coursemate, you can separate and know that you will inevitably bump into them when they're attempting to leave with their catch for the evening.

You're always close to the bar

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The convenience is bliss

The bar is literally never more than 15 steps away. So if you're feeling a bit empty handed on the dancefloor, it's not a trek to quench your thirst for a double vodka lemonade. Just a few steps and you'll be greeted by the lovely bartenders, it's a win-win really.

There are seats and a ledge for coats

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Sit down and refuel for the rest of the sesh

La'go has found a solution to problems we didn't know we had. Gone are the days of Southerners paying for cloakrooms. Just put your coats on the massive window ledge and save your pennies. Plus, there's a whole wall of seats for when your feet hurt, or just need that little rest for when the next tune comes on. They really have thought it all through, haven't they?

Everyone knows everyone

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It's a small world after all

Whether you're a final year or a fresher, you're bound to see at least one person you know – not bad if you fancy a change of company. Let's just hope your freshers hook-up or weird first year flatmate don't hang around too long.

Their sassy message board gives us life

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Not so witty, but it's information I need to know

La'go is infamous for their message board which always has sarcy and witty captions. From poking fun at the Wools across the water to telling us the beer prices, the La'go message boards keeps our nights out extremely entertaining and gives us the most important info we need – how much is a bottle of beer? It's nice to know you're getting a laugh and a decent price bevvy at the same time.