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Liverpudlian 60s glamour: A guide

The ultimate 60s fashion guide

As Liverpool students, we know the value of the Beatles. In their prime, short skirts and 60s silhouettes were everywhere, and with a fashion era as iconic is this was, it’s unsurprising that you can’t walk around campus without seeing influences from this unforgettable decade.

In the mid 60s, clothes moved away from the elegance of the 50s and favoured a more youthful and rebellious style. London was taken over by Mod culture and the younger generation grabbed the opportunity to express themselves through fashion. For the first time, as mass production took over, London was the fashion capital instead of Paris, and couture was replaced by the high street.

The Mini Skirt

When you think of the 60s, you can’t help but picture the mini skirt. In 1964 fashion pioneer Mary Quant scrapped the hemline rule book and designed the most daring skirt ever seen, causing controversy across Britain. The mini skirt was a social and political statement and had nothing to do with whether you had a thigh gap or not. Today, we don’t think twice when we see them on every mannequin in Liverpool One. To recreate this iconic 60s look team your mini skirt with a turtle neck jumper or a button down shirt and you’ll look like you should be chasing John Lennon into the Cavern Club.

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Shift Dress

The shift dress is essential if you want to add that Mod vibe to your wardrobe. Whether it has flute sleeves, an oversized collar or is covered in bold print, you'll be strutting around Abercrombie Square like it is the set of Mad Men. If you're feeling really brave, why not try matching the dress with either white or coloured tights for an authentic 60s look? Coloured tights have mostly disappeared from mainstream fashion trends, so don’t worry if you find them a bit daunting and want to stick with your usual black ones.

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Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts were a fashion staple in the mid to late 60s as the hippy movement began to creep in. Just like the shift dress, shirts had enormous collars, extravagant sleeves and vibrant patterns. Nothing about the 60s was conventional or low key. For that nine am lecture, pair an eye catching shirt with high waisted trousers or jeans for a casual yet stylish modern twist on a 60s classic.

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Bold Colours and Prints

60s fashion is renowned for its adventurous patterns and bold colours. Plaid skirts were as common as The Beatles having a number one and bright floral prints were everywhere you turned. To unleash your inner 60s chic, your wardrobe should be full to the brim with bright, patterned clothing. If lots of colour isn’t your style, then don’t worry, the 60s still has you covered. Throughout the decades, the Mods popularised monochrome outfits which have become one of the most iconic looks in fashion history. Stick to combining black and white items to create this classic style for a couple of pints in the Guild.

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The fashion industry was changed forever by the 1960s. Chances are, the clothes you are wearing right now were influenced by Mod culture in some way. No matter what your style is, this outstanding decade has something for everyone. So hit the best vintage shops Liverpool has to offer and you’ll be the chicest-dressed girl on campus.