What to wear to every 9am this semester

Sometimes pyjama tops and joggers just won’t do!

We all hate them, the dreaded nine am lecture, especially on a Monday morning. Whether you've been out the night before, or have just had a quiet one in with your housemates, the thought of setting an alarm for such an early time in the morning sends shivers down your spine.

When your alarm does eventually go off in the morning (and you've hit snooze 20 times), you'll most likely just throw the first thing on, not even looking in the mirror, let alone caring what other people think of how you're dressed. After all, chances are everyone there will be as sleepy and miserable as you are, and no one will even pay attention to what you're wearing.

To make your life easier, here are some outfits to give you some wardrobe inspiration

Outfit 1

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A lilac jumper pairs nicely with these tailored plaid trousers, adding a pop of colour to the dreariness of Monday mornings. Fortunately, this roll neck is perfect for keeping you toasty warm until the sun eventually arrives.

Outfit 2

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An all black outfit- setting the mood perfectly for that 9am lecture. It's a miracle you've even made it into uni that early, so forget jeans and dress for comfort. These black joggers are paired with a black t-shirt, and layered with a pink teddy coat jacket. The jacket is perfect for Liverpool's lecture theatres with inconsistent heating, and adds a pop of colour to the outfit.

Outfit 3

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Another outfit put together with comfort in mind. The last thing you want is to be suffocating in your skinny jeans as you hunt for any empty computer in the SJ. This khaki top works well with the black joggers, striking that balance of being comfortable, and still looking like you've made an effort

Outfit 4

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If you're having one of those days where nothing in your wardrobe is exciting you, try wearing a skirt paired with a black jumper. Although skirts are seen as a rarity on campus, they instantly help you feel more put together, and the black tights are perfect for Liverpool's rainy days. Pair with some simple Chelsea boots to give you that classy look, or some trainers for a more casual look.

Outfit 5

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If you're an early riser and by nine am you're already wide awake, jeans are the way to go. Here, mom jeans have been paired with a thick leather belt and roll neck jumper, which are pretty timeless pieces for any cool weather wardrobe. The versatile pink teddy coat is an easy piece to take on and off, and can be worn well into the spring months.