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All the signs you’re living in an all girl house

Boy drama, emotional breakdown’s and hair EVERYWHERE

There's hair quite literally everywhere

Stuck in the carpets, all over the sofa in the living room, in the plug holes, it's literally everywhere. You'll be lucky if you can find a room where the floor isn't covered in hair and loads of bobbles.

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Yep, everywhere

You all talk about bowel movements like it's nothing

Yep, the boys would be pretty disgusted at our regular talk of bowel movements. You're all used to telling each other when you're "off for a poo" like its nothing. Oh well.

There's boy drama daily

You all gather round in the living room to discuss boy drama. It's a daily occurrence – who's cheated on who. So-and-so's not texted me back so he's definitely not interested in me, he's still following his ex girlfriend on instagram, how dare he!!! Yep, you all love to share stories about your tragic love lives.


Fairy lights are everywhere

Girls love fairy lights especially the bright pink ones that make their bedrooms look cute af. Their houses are full of them – time is spent trying to put as many fairy lights around the house as possible. In the Kitchen, the living room, in the back yard, you name it.

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Your periods are in sync with each other

Yep, you all magically seem to be suffering from period pain at the same time, complaining about how bad your cramps are, shoving your face with comfort food and fighting over the one hot water bottle that's hiding somewhere around the house.

You spend hours in each others rooms

You only went in for a ten minute chat but here you are, five hours later, still in each other's rooms gossiping and getting absolutely no work done. One of your bedrooms is the prime location for a debrief after a night out where you all lie on the bed and try and work out WTF happened last night.

What even happened last night??

You wear each others clothes

You all exchange clothes so much to the point where you don't even know who owns what anymore. There's that one outfit that everyone single one of you has taken turns to wear to Quids in at Heebies. It's fine, no one will notice.

There's a draw in the bathroom containing all the female essentials

Yep, sanitary towels, condoms, leftover birth control packets and the occasional pregnancy test ready for all those female emergencies.

Daily stressing about how much work you've got to do

"Omg I'm sooooo stressed" and "I've got so much work to do" are sentences you'll hear everyday in an all girl house followed by crying and emotional breakdowns over all the uni work you have to do and the lack of time to do it in. Still time for a gossip or a film night though, right?


And, last of all, you feel lost without each other

Life really isn't the same when you've gone home for the weekend and find out you're missing a girly binge watch of Greys Anatomy. And Easter and Christmas are the worst, three whole weeks wondering how you'll cope without your daily dosage of boy drama.