Here are all the end of exam Liverpool events to motivate you through the remainder of revision

Don’t make the rookie mistake of not having your night sorted

With only a week or less until we can hit the floors of the Liverpool clubs, rather than trying to find the best floor of the SJ, here's a simple guide of all the events you should be considering to celebrate our best attempts at getting a 2:1 this year.

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We'd be Lost without our fave Tuesdays

Tuesday 22nd – Lost Winter-Warm Up Pt.2 at 24 Kitchen Street

Lucky enough to have finished exams by the beginning of the week? There's no excuse to wait and celebrate. Lost answers all your needs with a more intimate occasion than usual, with tickets starting at £4.

Wednesday 23rd – Free Party Student Social at Coyote Ugly

Located near favourites like McCooleys and Modo, this event at the film-inspired bar answers all our needs, with £1.50 drinks including VKs, Coors, Fosters and Hooch. Let's hope the bucking bronco is open too, as seeing your housemate make a tit of themselves cures any January blues.

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Everyone loves a good revamp

Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th – 'Quids In' at Level and 'Dirty Antics' at Heebies

Wait, have I read that right? Yep, the iconic Quids In has moved to Level to replace Love Wednesdays, with Dirty Antics (formerly at Bumper, if any of you remember) taking over the Thursday slot. It's promised to be the same as their previous offerings, but we're still curious to give it a try.

Thursday 24th – Shit Indie Disco Big Refreshers Party at Arts Club

Another of the contenders for best student night, get your glitter on and dance away to all the songs you played on repeat aged 15. Tickets are priced at £3.55.

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We're ready for tinnies and tunes again

Thursday 24th – Carnival at 24 Kitchen Street

Whilst the weather is dull and bleak (and even a bit snowy), bring some tropical vibes into your life at the Baltic Triangle, with advance tickets at a very hot price of £3.50.

Friday 25th – Found: Secret Garden Party at Arts Club

Lost's similarly edgy younger brother is back, promising "The Arts Club as you've never seen it before." With R&B, house, tech house and hip-hop as the featured genres, none of your coursemates can complain about the diversity. Second release tickets stand at £5.

Friday 25th – Old Skool Garage and Bassline Night at 24 Kitchen Street

This venue is really treating us with their post-exam parties, with their final shindig being just as exciting as the rest, especially if you're a poor soul that has to revise until the last day. £5.60 advance tickets will certainly make up for this.

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The classic photo spot is worth entry money

Friday 25th – Medication at Electrik Warehouse

Med has happily acquainted itself in its new home in the former Krazyhouse, so if you've never been, get out from under that rock. A truly underrated student night, with tickets beginning at £4.50.

Saturday 26th – Psychedelic Disco: Free Warehouse Rave at Hangar 34

Did someone say free? If you're lacking on the funds after paying rent, Hangar 34 are here to save the day. Get your priceless tickets sorted here, or splash out on queue jump for £3 if you're not ready to brave the cold.

Saturday 26th – Revolution St Peters Square 13th Birthday Bash

If you're looking for a classier affair to see out exam season, Revs will have you covered. So grab that dress and heels, and purchase a £5 standard ticket asap (or enjoy one of the booth offerings if you're out to spend all your student loan).

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Can you go wrong with Black Rabbit? Probably not

Alternatively, Concert Square is open every day

If you know your friends can't be trusted buying tickets, or have missed Faculty and Baa Bar too much to go elsewhere, hit up your favourite free bars, and wonder how you coped without this haven over the holidays.