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Here’s all the things you can do in Liverpool to take a break from revision

Eight ways to procrastinate this exam season

Take a break from living in the basement of the SJ and surviving purely on Aldi energy drinks, and come and see all the weird and wonderful things Liverpool has to offer.

Use the Uni Gym

From the 14th – 25th January, during assessment period, the University Gym is completely free for all students. Regular exercise can help ease stress levels and improve your mood, and is a great way of improving your mental well-being around exam time.


Visit Tiny Rick's Cereal and Board Game Cafe

Is there a better way to combat stress than with an unlimited cereal buffet? From Lucky Charms to Reese's Puffs, this place has so many weird and wonderful cereals to choose from. With its 80s and 90s retro theme, there are over 300 board games to challenge your mates to. Take a break from your Aldi cornflakes and come and enjoy all your childhood favourites.


Dive into a book at the Central Library

If you want a break from reading about the Peninsula Wars or Durkheim's 'The Division of Labour' and staring at the same four walls of the SJ, then the central library is the place to be. A change of scenery and reading will definitely help you refresh – from crime to science fiction, there's so much to choose from (and comfy seats to sit on too).

Watch the sun set at Everton Brow

Take a trip up to Everton Park and Everton Brow for the best panoramic view of Liverpool. From its two cathedrals to all the way across to Seaforth, you can see it all – you can even spot the Welsh mountains on a clear day too! Its stunning views won't disappoint and what better way to wind down after a day of revision?

Visit the Cat Cafe

Having only opened its doors in May last year, the cat cafe is full of cute cats and kittens to help you de-stress and relax. The tea and scones are pretty good too.

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Go wild at Spring City Trampoline Park

Since revision is mind-numbingly dull, release your inner child and visit the Spring City Trampoline Park. Located not far from Toxteth and Sefton Park, enjoy bouncy fun with over 100 interconnected trampolines! There's also fitness classes and aerobics to try out for those feeling more adventurous.

Get a hole in one at Ghetto Golf

Located at the top of Liverpool One, Ghetto Golf offers a unique golfing experience with 18 very weird and very wonderful different stages. There's also a cocktail bar and a DJ – a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday evening after a long week in the SJ.


Or just go for a stroll…

Fresh air and a clear mind is definitely needed after a gruelling morning trying to learn about different statistical methods. There are plenty of places to walk around Liverpool – from Sefton Park to braving the cold of Crosby beach or just to the Albert Dock. A clearer mind = better performance so shove some headphones in and get walking.

So whether you want to indulge in a cereal buffet, or go crazy at Ghetto Golf, get your head out the books and take a break. Stress can make you unwell, and taking time out to socialise and exercise is vital for your mental well being.