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Students still experiencing problems accessing UoL eResources

The reason you can’t finish your essay

Yesterday the University Library published a news article titled "Problems with access to eResources" and issued a university-wide email outlining why Liverpool students are currently unable to access online resources via DISCOVER.

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The email sent to University of Liverpool students yesterday afternoon

Since yesterday morning, "a problem with the (library's) authentication provider" has caused intermittent disruptions to students' access to eBooks and online articles during this exam period. Many currently face upcoming deadlines for coursework and as term has not yet officially restarted, many students are still at home and unable to use the library's physical resources.

Normal access to the system was resumed early this morning but has since failed again, with many students still experiencing problems.

The library is still investigating "as a matter of urgency" and "apologise for any inconvenience caused". They have also recommended that current off-campus students login via their institution (aka. Shibboleth) on other online resource sites including JSTOR, ScienceDirect , Scopus, Taylor & Francis Online Journals and Wiley Online Library.

In light of these events, a blanket extension until 2.00 p.m. 8th January was granted to all coursework submissions due for this Monday.

Olivia, a final year student at the University of Liverpool, had this to say. "As a result of this, I've had to spend more time in the SJ, much more than I would have wanted to. Fuming."

The University Library has been approached for a comment, but are yet to respond.

For further information and suggestions from the library click here.