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University of Liverpool Young Conservatives society are upset because a woman said she didn’t want to sleep with them

The society are using it as an example of the abuse they receive

Earlier this week, the UoL Young Conservatives society tweeted a screenshot of a deleted tweet, where a woman asked for a full list of their members so she could know "who I can't shag" as an example of the abuse they receive.

The tweet, in full, read: "@UoLYoungTories have you got a full list of all your members? I go to UoL just want to know who I can't shag, thanks x"

The society then proceeded to tweet a screenshot to show how they are treated on social media, alongside the hashtag #CallitOut. The society then tagged University of Liverpool, Liverpool Guild and the Guild Officers in the tweet.

The Call It Out campaign at the University of Liverpool is aimed at tackling all forms of abuse and harassment on campus, with a particular focus on sexual harassment, which means it is in no way associated with a woman saying she DIDN'T want to sleep with Young Conservatives.

The Liverpool Tab approached Morgan for a comment about her tweet, she told us: "I just realised they had a Twitter and thought it would be funny, deleted it straight after to avoid drama and saw it had been reposted with ‘call it out’ tagged which I just found ridiculous. I would still love that list, I’ve never fucked a Tory, and I won’t ever."

The Liverpool Tab then asked Morgan about the fact the society blocked her following her tweet, she said: "I find it hilarious they’ve blocked me, they’re on a public platform so they should be prepared to receive publicity and negative comments, especially when they’re absolute lizards."

Many people responded to the tweet calling out how ridiculous it was.

Swedish model Ines Helene even got involved, sharing her views.

Finally, this was the response from University of Liverpool Labour students.

The Liverpool Tab approached the UoL Young Conservative's society for comment, they replied saying: "No we are not commenting I have seen what you have said to Morgan. The headline of the article is not a true representation of what had took place. So I decline to comment on what has been blown way out of proportion, all because we are Tories. So no we refuse to comment.”