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Far-right demonstrators abandon planned march today in Liverpool

The ‘Mersey Nationalists’ were a no-show

It was a victory for anti-fascist groups in Liverpool city centre today as the far-right group 'Mersey Nationalists' abandoned plans to march on the city. They were expected to march on Derby Square this morning from 9am.

The plans to demonstrate came in light of a similar march being held in London by renowned far-rights activist, Tommy Robinson and after far-right group, the Frontline Patriots, were unable to leave Moorfield Station on a previous march in November after their path was blocked by counter protesters. It is believed that the marchers wanted to protest the government's ‘Brexit Betrayal’.

Over 100 counter protesters lined up around Derby Square to counter the planned protest, suggesting that demonstrations such as these are simply to "whip up racism".

UAF's (Unite Against Fascism) stated: "The 'Mersey Nationalists' say their protest is for 'anyone who can't make it' to a demonstration organised in London, on the same day, by founder of the far right English Defence League (EDL) Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon…" further noting "the people of Merseyside have a proud tradition of opposing racism and fascism…"

Before playing a few songs, including Cascada's "Everytime We Touch", a counter protest speaker declared that groups like the Mersey Nationalists will "never be welcome here."

Nick Tyrrell, local ECHO correspondent tweeted that organisers of the counter protest encouraged the public that no-shows like this shouldn't "stop people from, coming out against far right marchers".

For more information about the counter protestors, UAF, find their facebook page here.