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Far-right activists have been trying to recruit on University of Liverpool campus

It hasn’t really worked

A far-right group called Generation Identity have been putting up posters and stickers around campus in a recruitment bid. Although, they don't seem to be recruiting many students from the SJ.

Unsurprisingly, given that it's Liverpool and fascists rarely make it out of the train station here, the stickers and posters were removed by staff and students shortly after they were put up.

Who are Generation Identity?

Generation Identity are a far-right group originating from France. Their three main aims – as stated on their website – are to stop the "Islamisation" of Europe, oppose globalisation and to stop The Great Replacement (a far-right conspiracy theory which asserts that the entire white population of Europe is being systematically replaced by non-white people in order to destroy European culture).

In short, this means that they want all non-Europeans in Europe (legal immigrant or not) to go back to their countries of origin. They seem to be particularly concerned with the demographics of cities that have high percentages of ethnic minorities, like Liverpool; glossing over the fact that many of these non-white people will have been born in Britain.

What you can do

If you see any posters or stickers, you can remove them. If you wish to report their presence or anyone who you know who is putting them up, you can e-mail the university at [email protected] or ring them on 0151 794 5863. For anyone who feels threatened or unsafe on campus because of the group's activity – Samaritans provides free emotional support 24/7 which you can access by phoning them on 08457 90 90 90 or by visiting their website.

Finally, please be comforted in the knowledge that students and locals alike are overwhelmingly against the group's organising in Liverpool.