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Where to take your uni squad for Christmas dinner in Liverpool

Book now before your mates hibernate for a month

It's that time of year again; your flatmates or housemates are asking you to pick a name out of a hat for secret Santa. They've set a present budget of £20 and you're secretly brainstorming how you can make a present that costs a fiver look 4 times as expensive. The last dregs of your September loan are quickly running out, and you need to find somewhere for you and your fellow students to go for Christmas dinner without breaking your bank.

Well fear not, here are some of the best Christmas dinner deals on in Liverpool this festive season:


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We won't judge you…

The nation is divided on whether Spoons do good food or not, but if you can convince your mates that saving money is a priority, Spoons offer one of the cheapest Christmas dinner menus this side of the Mersey.

A turkey dinner with all the trimmings costs £9.49 at The Welkin, The Fall Well or The Richard John Blackler, or you could face Concert Square during the day and get the same at The Lime Kiln for £8.65.

The Brookhouse

An oldie, but goody

Smithdown Road favourite; The Brookie is offering 2 courses for £10.49 and 3 courses for £12.49. If you can stomach the food there, and avoid going on a night when Liverpool are playing, this deal could be worth hitting up to save a few quid.

The Pumphouse

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Okay, who called it The Pumphouse

During trips to the docks to take pictures for our instas, we've all taken the piss out of the unfortunately-named pub called The Pumphouse. But put your prejudices aside, because they're offering 2 courses of Christmas dinner for £13.99 and 3 for £15.99. Not too shabby indeed.


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Much more popular than Theresa May is right now

Liverpool's premier (and only?) pie specialist Pieminister is offering a Christmas menu, with 2 courses for £15 and 3 courses for £18. You kinda have to be a fan of pies, but if you are then that's not a bad price for a Bold Street favourite.


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Feliz Navidad

Not a fan of Christmas dinners? That's a bit weird. But not to worry; Wahaca have introduced their own Mexican version of a Christmas menu. A full spread for a table to share, including tacos, quesadillas and taquitos, costs only £20 each.

Dovedale Towers

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Is this a Spoons? Who knows

The tourists among us who have visited Penny Lane will have undoubtedly noticed The Dovey, which is essentially a posh Spoons. If their Christmas dinners are as good as their Sunday roasts, then the £18.95 for 2 courses or £21.95 for 3 courses will definitely be worth it.


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For all you hipsters out there

Where there's tea there's hope. Apparently, where there's tea there's now also Christmas dinner. The price of 3 courses at Leaf is a bit on the dear side at £24.95, but it'll sure make your insta story bang.

The Florist

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If you haven't already maxed out on Black Friday deals then maybe you can afford the Christmas menu at The Florist, with 3 courses costing £32.50. Yikes. Then again, people will pay anything for a picture in front of those neon signs. Maybe if you get the maximum student loan you can afford this one.

Don't fancy any of the above? You could always pop down to your nearest pub, or order in a dirty takeaway. We promise we won't say we told you so when you get food poisoning.