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Campus style: Four staples you need to stay warm and stylish in uni

Stop pretending you’re not freezing like the rest of us

The Liverpool One Christmas tree has been lit up, the days are becoming shorter and colder, and it seems that literally all of your coursemates have had the flu.

Marching to the SJ from the 699, holding nothing more than a Starbucks for warmth and wearing just a t-shirt is definitely no longer an option.

Of course it's your decision to go coatless this far into the semester, but if you want to avoid the cold and still look good this winter, here are some tips for you.

A windproof raincoat 

One of the most infamous Liverpudlian residents is that bitter northern wind – a regular and unwelcome visitor to our city. To stay warm on the windiest of days, make sure you go for a thermal or windproof jacket when you're heading to your 9am.

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(Dylan, Second Year, Economics)

Dylan's outfit is smart and comfortable. A knee-length raincoat is a definite staple for Liverpool's rainy weather. It's mustard yellow colour pairs nicely with his tan leather boots, and Dylan's grey jeans balance the loudness of these colours well. It's a functional but fuss-free outfit.

A thick scarf 

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(Millie, First Year, English)

You might insist on pretending you're now a Northerner, but the temperature is out to prove you wrong. Whilst you might not have succumb to a winter coat just yet, you can start off with a scarf to add a bit of warmth to your outfit.

The faux-fur scarf Millie is wearing is soft and fluffy and coordinates perfectly with her purple tights and jumper. Her metallic trainers and black leather skirt give off some serious grunge vibes, offset by the pink tones of her scarf and jumper.

A teddy coat

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(Jordan, First Year, Politics and Philosophy)

Should you be looking for something a little warmer, you might want to consider teddy coats for their warmth and comfort. With their loose fitting, on trend style, they're probably the best high street investment, with the potential to pull together any outfit. 

The versatility of a teddy coat cannot be underestimated and Jordan's coat is a classic example. Jordan's wearing all-black underneath. Incorporating black skinny ripped jeans, leather boots and her Chinese slogan T-shirt helps her stand out from the crowd.

A pair of sparkly culottes

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(Paulina, Second Year, Psychology)

When the sun starts setting before 4pm, uni can be a dark and uninviting place. But since there's less than a month until Christmas,  most of Liverpool is covered in Christmas lights which make it that little bit easier. 

Alternatively, look to Paulina's culottes for some festive inspiration. According to Paulina, she planned to study a bit before going out with friends in the evening, so these trousers were the perfect transition piece.

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(Even better, they're only £17 in Primark! )