This is our definitive ranking of the Cool It Liverpool nights

Shocker: Quids In isn’t number one

Let's face it, Liverpool has unbeatable nightlife, no matter what your mates at other unis claim. The proximity of the clubs, centred around Concert Square and Seel Street, means having a good night is almost a guarantee (unless you went too hard at pre-drinks and fell out with your roomie). We definitely have Cool It to thank for enhancing our seshes even more, so here's a ranking of their weekly offerings.

1) Juicy/Skint (Tuesday)

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Their slushies are defo a highlight

We like: We can't quite put our finger on it, but there's something about Juicy that puts it above the rest. Especially now it's paired with Moloko, which adds another dimension, plus it has the best smoking area (sorry Heebies). As well as this, most people don't have much at uni on Wednesdays – perfection.

We hate: Even though doubles are cheaper, we still miss The Shipping Forecast a bit. Wouldn't be surprised if it went back there again though.

2) Quids In (Thursday)

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When your pal says they'll skip their Friday 9am too

We like: Heebies defo gets the weekend started early, with their cheap entry, cheap drinks and three varied floors of music, so even your pickiest housemate can't complain. As the most Instagrammed bar in the UK, we can't deny this is an iconic night-out.

We hate: Where do we even start on the queue? It's probably worth going in daylight hours (even in winter) to nab your spot on the coveted dance-floor. Even then, you can't breathe, and have to deal with people giving you daggers when you accidentally knock into them. Down some £1 VKs hun, and forget that we're all packed like sardines.

3) Block Party (Monday)

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We'll be there more often if there's cupcakes on offer

We like: Starting off the week the right way, Brooklyn Mixer has a good amount of breathing space, and not a totally excessive queue, yet still has drink deals to get you smashed enough that you hardly remember the Arriva home.

We hate: That it's on the same night as Raz Mondays. How do we choose? Fat frogs do unfortunately win on most occasions (sorry).

4) Love (Wednesday)

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A devilishly good night for some?

We like: Everything goes at Love Wednesdays – that's why it's the home of fancy dress socials and just not giving a fuck. Plus, there's always opportunity for a snap with a celeb. Paul Chuckle or Gemma Collins, anyone?

We hate: Something about it is just so bloody cringe, reminding us of the shameful people we were back in first year freshers when we knew no other club. No wonder most of us only venture out on Wednesdays for a monthly SoulJam.

5) Runway (Friday)

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Ink-goers scrub up pretty well

We like: Hangovers feel soooo much better when you have the whole of Saturday to wear them off. Ink gives us a chance to go dressier than jeans and a nice top, and has an actual bathtub in the club? The photo opportunities are endless.

We hate: The divide between the main area and VIP section. Don't look down on me, the peasant student, with your pretentious bottle of Grey Goose.

6) Level (Saturday)

We like: Again, the day following gives us the perfect opportunity to sleep off our vodka-induced haziness (can even get a cheeky Sunday lunch too, winning). Also, getting to hang around with Scousers makes a nice change from your Southerner course-mates. And, apparently you can piss over the club in the men's toilets? Magical.

We hate: More expensive drinks definitely don't look good on the bank account when we've already spent all our student loan in Smithdown Asda. Furthermore, the cringe from Wednesdays becomes even more unbearable on Saturdays; who knew so many fuckboys could congregate in one venue?

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Probably the happiest people in the place

One thing we do know for sure about all of them is that they'll never catch our good angle in their official pictures, but we'll still end up at one of these every week.